Purple everything // Maid of Honour Duties

WHAT. A. DAY. Last Saturday my brother married Flo (my new sister-in-law) and I was thrilled to be the Maid of Honour at their wedding – I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


I could say that the day started at 6:30am, but that would be a lie. All of the planning and preparations – from finding the gown, going to fittings, planning Flo’s bachelorette party, making the table numbers (which were actually places instead of numbers), editing their speeches, attending the makeup & hair trial, and helping in any way I could – well, that all began months and months before.

IMG_8247When Flo (her mom & dad, my mother and I) went to David’s Bridal in Mississauga none of us knew what to expect. The task was easy – find a dress. After trying on a couple that weren’t her style, Flo started to get frustrated. I could see the panic set in on her face. But then, she stepped out in the one. With a delicate layer of lace overlay.

We. Just. Knew.

I instantly started crying. It wasn’t even controllable. The first face Flo saw was her mom’s, and next she saw me – we both teared up. I couldn’t look at her without crying. There were no words.

photo 1

Left to right: Emilia (my mom), Silvia (Flo’s Mom) & Flo

I also fell in love that day, with my princess-y MOH gown. Maybe it was the pockets?

David’s Bridal does something really unique. Once you find the dress – they send you off with well-wishes and the bride rings a bell so that everyone in the store knows they’ve found their wedding dress.

Despite an early start to Flo & Matt’s wedding day, Flo was relaxed and mellow. We sat in the hair and makeup chairs, chatted with Julia and Julia Bridal and really enjoyed the morning. Soon the photographer and videographer arrived. A little overwhelmed, we continued to get ourselves ready while the set-up took place.



Left to right: Mike (the best best man), me & Matthew (the groom & my brother)

Spending the rest of the day with Flo and Matt was an experience unlike any other. Somehow Toffee (their bichon-poo puppy) was forgotten upstairs in the condo, so he was a stow away in our limo ride downtown to Atlantis Pavilion.

I didn’t expect to cry as much as I did. Maybe that was a bit delusional. Walking down the aisle with Matthew’s best man Mike, hearing the violins play, and seeing my brother standing at the front of the room – I was overwhelmed with happiness for him.

He found the love of his life.

During the ceremony, I had to sneak over to the front row and help one of the flower girls (Flo’s 4-year-old niece) remove a pin that was sticking out in her bouquet. I slowly walked back to my spot, stood next to Flo and placed the pin into my own bouquet. Discrete I know.


Flo, Toffee & Mike (the best man)

When it came time for our speeches, again I was caught off guard with my emotional outbursts. I had practiced my speech a few times and always managed to save my tears for the end. But not that day. The minute I opened my mouth to speak – I had to simultaneously pull out my handkerchief to cry into. I barely kept it together.

And last, there was a professional photo-booth followed by dancing, the most amazing people (family & friends) and some alcohol.

The memories from that day will be with me the rest of my life. The love you have for your sibling(s) is unlike any other. You truly want the best for them no matter how much you scream and yell at each other along the way. I fight with him because I care about him. That’s the truth. And I expect a lot from him when it comes to his own life choices. We’ve always been this way. I’m just glad that Flo and I are so connected too! Right from the start I had no problem calling her my sister. I love them both very much and truly wish them all the happiness life has to offer.


With the lights on and everyone gone, the Montreal Canadians joined the party. A tired bride and groom headed to their hotel room. Welcome to the family Mrs. Holmes.


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2 Responses to Purple everything // Maid of Honour Duties

  1. Sue Johnson says:

    Dee,your story brought tears of joy to my eyes also. So happy for you and your family. Congrats to Flo and Matt and to you on gaining a new sister. I share your joy since I have several sister-in-laws. It’s a new beginning with lots of happy tears to come. All the best to you and your family.
    “smile because it happened” I love that. Smart guy that Dr Seuss

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