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The Catcher in the Rye //

Despite our long distance relationship –Meagan and I continue to read together – albeit in two different cities. She’s all the way in Ottawa (where I went to university) and I’m a four to five hour drive away in Toronto. … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens // Holiday Reads

I’m always pleasantly surprised by Classic Literatures ability to provide you with little insightful nuggets of wisdom. The best part about Charles Dickens is how simplistic his language is – making it easy to read – yet his stories are packed … Continue reading

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What Alice Forgot // Epilogue Endings

What Alice Forgot is the second Epilogue of our Book Club for Two novel selection. Now that I think about it, Moby Dick was no different and The Witchdoctor’s Bones also has an Epilogue. First and foremost I think including an … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Final Chase // Moby Dick

By: Meagan Laroque I’d like to start this off by informing you that I took the time to think of creative ‘rapper’ names for Moby Dick to spice things up a little. I think if Herman Melville were alive today he … Continue reading

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International Book Week

This past year I added an old Professor – who provided me with a reference letter when applying to MA of Arts programs – as a friend on Facebook. He no longer works at Carleton University, so it was a … Continue reading

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Chocolate or Chips?

Doing your masters is equivalent to perma-reading, and sorta studying full-time. I say sorta because there isn’t any memorization involved, but your brain is constantly pumping through readings, analyzing what you’ve read, and producing some original thought. AND SO while … Continue reading

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Off Season Reads // Reading for Pleasure

When school’s out for summer – especially after graduating from my undergrad – I put reading on hold for a couple of weeks. SHOCKING I know. You’d think I’d be dying to read everything I wasn’t able to during the … Continue reading

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