It’s a Woman’s World // Bachelorette Party-ing

The day started with plenty of decorating and the purchasing of a large fruit platter. In my excitement, I almost forgot to buy balloons! It was Flo’s Bachelorette Party and exactly 1 month before the wedding.  We prepared many DIY decorations and games (that I ‘stole’ from Pinterest), but I must say, ours looked pretty damn professional. And to be honest, we didn’t think it would turn out this beautiful. Let me show you…

DIY Miss To Mrs Banner


In the Condo’s party room there was a fireplace that turned out to be the perfect mantle for our Miss to Mrs banner. It was the first thing you saw when you walked into the room. At Michaels (a Canadian arts and crafts store), Flo and I hand-picked the paper we wanted to use for this project.

We started by cutting out evenly sized squares on brown, textured paper. I hand traced the lettering and hearts, which wasn’t too difficult. After cutting them out we used a glue-gun to stick the lettering on the square backing. After hole-punching the top two corners, we strung the letters together!

DIY Name Tags


We chose even more coloured paper – and this time a gradation of purple and grey – for custom name tag necklaces! These were hilarious, each guest chose a name-tag as they walked in, and one they thought suited their personality best. With titles like: All Talk, Hot Mess, Bad Influence, Shameless, Just Turned 19 and Bitch of Honour (that would be me), everyone had a big laugh over them. We bought a variety of ribbon to mix and match too. Cutting out the base for this was tricky, but it was well worth it! 

DIY Photo-booth & Props


At Michaels there are packs of thick, sparkly paper (all different colours). I’m talking THICK paper. Flo and I had sore fingers from all the circles we cut out and the resistance between scissors versus paper. Not to mention, sparkles were everywhere. 

First we used a large mug to trace each circle. Once done, we began cutting each one out. We realized we needed to poke two holes at the top end of each circle in order to string them together. We ended up using a meat (turkey) thermometer because it was the perfect size and sturdy enough to poke the hole through the cardboard paper. Next, we “sewed” string through the front, then the back, and through the front again before adding another circle. 

<We had to purchase non-peel tape so that it wouldn’t destroy the paint on the walls, but it was a beautiful backdrop!>

IMG_0687 IMG_0686

The props were SUPER fun to make. After copying a few: Team Groom, Team Bride, Crowns, and lips…we had to make some personalized ones. We went with: Don’t stop the party, CORRECT (an inside, long-standing joke in our family), and Bachelorette Party.

DIY Bachelorette Jeopardy


This board game was extremely fun to make. Flo and I bought a pack of q-cards, my old bristol board came in handy, and Crayola markers. I spent the afternoon with Matthew (my brother) and soon to be sister-in-law to come up with questions for each category. The 5 categories were: The Early Years, Education & Jobs, Sports & Activities, The IN-Laws (Siblings too) and Lovers. 

The rules went a little something like this, if you got the question wrong, you had to consume a certain amount of alcohol. Flo and I were a mascot for each team and at the very end of the game, the losing team had to do a team shot (mascot included). This was by far the most entertaining part of the night.

DIY  Party Favours 


In the centre of each plate we placed our Party Favours for each guest. These were a hangover kit that included 1. Tylenol (for headaches) 2. Creaseless Hair ties (in case someone got sick) 3. Colourful Ankle Socks (after a night of dancing). Each gal was very appreciative of this little gift, and we even used the left over q-cards to write out an explanation on the back of each one.

IMG_0703Flo’s bachelorette was such a fun girls night, and the best way to send Flo off into marriage. We photo-boothed it up and  danced the night away at El Convento Rico in downtown Toronto. The laughter didn’t stop and I woke up with sore cheeks and ribs.

Of course, I can’t tell you everything that happened, but hopefully these DIY’s get you inspired for your next party.


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2 Responses to It’s a Woman’s World // Bachelorette Party-ing

  1. Super cute party! Love all the decorations! Impressed that you did all of this without using a professional Party Planner!

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