Moms deserve presents too // Last minute gift ideas

Let’s be real.

Moms always deserve presents and not just on Mother’s Day. Though this is the perfect time to shower her with gifts, anytime you feel like doing something nice for someone, it should be your mom.

If you haven’t gotten anything for your mother yet, or your Nonna (grandmother) for that matter, don’t panic. I have some fool-proof gift ideas for you. All you need is a mall near you.

  1. The Candle.
    If your mom is like Emilia-Bedilia – then she’s a candle junky. But on a day like today this can be a heartfelt gift from you to her. Currently, the coveted brand Volupsa Scented Candles can be found at  Indigo  or Anthropologie and are a hot commodity. I’m currently burning my personal favorite Santiago Huckleberry (image below). It’s divine and you can smell it throughout the whole house. When these candles burn, you see a clear liquid. That’s a good thing. The ingredients are pure and it’s made with coconut wax. Fairly priced at $33.00 (CDN dollars) for the glass jar (mini versions are also available), picking out a scent that your mom will love is the best part.

    Candle 2

  2. Pandora.
    Alright, this gift idea is if you have a bit more cash at your disposal. Your mom might already have the bracelet, but if she’s like Emilia-Bedilia she is the only one in your family that doesn’t already own one. Sorry Mom. We’ve clearly neglected you on the gift front. So, I chose the black leather bracelet (single loop) for $50.00 (CDN dollars) and paired it with the sparkling palm tree charm for $50.00 (CDN dollars). She loves to travel and it’s so cute. There is a special collection for Mother’s Day, but I found it more personal to select a charm that relates to her. Again, choosing a charm that will make my mom smile, was the best part.I can’t wait to give it to her tomorrow.

    *Warning – if you are getting a bracelet it comes in a few sizes (small, medium and large). Be prepared to guesstimate your mom’s wrist size. 

  3. Quality time.
    You heard me. Free up your Sunday. Head over to your mom’s house. And treat her to some one on one time. If you’re low on funds this could cost you nothing, or a minimum of $10.00 (CDN Dollars). But, it could also cost you up to $50.00 (CDN Dollars) depending on what you decide to do together.

    Your options are endless here. For example, take Mom for a walk through the city: Distillery District, Queen Street West or East, Kensington Market or Shops at Don Mills – are all good places to start. This journey together could start with a specialty coffee once you arrive at your destination. Something to sip on while you window shop. During this walk in addition to coffee, or at the very end, you could go to a cute, local brunch/lunch/dinner place in the area. This is up to you. Just know that you can’t go wrong with spending time together.

I hope this helps all you last-minute shoppers out there. Mother’s Day is tomorrow and you owe it to your mom. Whether it’s a keepsake or a shared experience, she’ll appreciate the thought no matter what you decide. Trust me, even if you do select the wrong bracelet size, she can exchange it.

For my definition of a mom, click here. They really do come in all shapes and sizes.

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