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Spring is the Easter bunny // Long-weekend vibes

Easter long-weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. Is it just me, or are short (4-day) work weeks always the busiest? It’s as if the Friday off – and those 8-9 hours – get crammed into the other weekdays. I … Continue reading

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MOM, kinda like S.O.S.

Sorry Dad I dedicated a whole post about you and my fondest memories this past Father’s day, but it’s about time MOM got some recognition. Mom and I have a new tradition. If I decide it’s too stressful, time consuming, and … Continue reading

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Potato Croquette

Otherwise known as “POTATO THINGS” since my childhood. I know, I know… my friends have often heard me say that Pizza is my favourite food, and it is. BUT – and I mean BUT – when I am home in … Continue reading

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“Take me out to the ballgame!”

My passion for baseball came from my dad; and my fondest memory of my father involves the Blue Jays… It was the first time my dad took me to a Jays game. Weak in the legs from anticipation, and at … Continue reading

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