Being a twenty-something – otherwise known as a millennial – has its ups and downs. The more I climb into adulthood, the harder life seems to get, but isn’t that the fun of it all? Being responsible for yourself and learning along the way does have its benefits.

IMG_9611Completing a Master of Arts in English Literature was fantastic! Ultimately, it pushed me to new intellectual (and unexpectedly emotional) heights. I became a strong technical writer, intense researcher, an analytical thinker and creative problem solver.

Over the last couple of years, I left a Marketing and Web Content Associate role with Simply Hired to become a Project Coordinator in Custom Content, Creative Media Solutions and B2B Marketing with Quebecor Media (or Sun Media). Quebecor Media sold all of it’s English newspaper publications/websites to Postmedia Network Inc., where I now work as a Marketing Strategist in the Toronto Market (National Post, Toronto Sun and 24 Hours Toronto newspapers).

 On the blog are snapshots of my current adventures exploring Toronto, family laughs along with our crazy Italian-Canadian traditions, book reviews on Book Club for Two and world travels.

Welcome to my creative writing space.


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