Witness to a crime scene // TTC woes

As I sat reading Oliver Twist – trying to catch up to Meagan because I’m behind for our book club for two – I hear the bus driver call a young woman back to the front. Immediately after paying, she is told that she is 0.75 cents short of her fare. Our chipper bus driver goes on to ask her how much the fare is currently. She shares, “$3.25.” Now with a sternness and tone we haven’t heard yet, he explains that she just committed fraud. Explaining the charge for this, he lays it into her. Quietly, of course. So as not to draw attention to their conversation.

IMG_0008I try not to stare, or listen for that matter because reading Oliver Twist requires all of my attention.

Despite my concentration – or lack there of – I hear the driver ask her what the smallest dollar bill is that she has in her wallet. The PA system comes on and the driver inquires, “does anyone have change for a $10.00?” A kind gentleman walks straight up to the driver. Asks how much she is short, “0.75 cents” the driver replies. The stranger pays for her. She then walked toward the back of the bus, un-phased.

0.75 cents might not seem like a lot. For you or the woman who tried to cheat the TTC. But she didn’t seem very grateful for the strangers help, or generosity, either. For TTC monthly pass holders like myself, it is frustrating to know that people are getting away with paying less, or worse, not paying at all. I had just purchased my April adult pass at the time, so I’m all for cracking down on these hooligans. I had no remorse. Wouldn’t you be pissed too? Poor driver.


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