The boys are back // Blue Jays Home Opener

After watching the Toronto Blue Jays versus Tampa Bay Rays series this past week I noticed a few things…and maybe you did too?

Kevin Pillar is a beast. We’ve seen him sprint across the plethora of green plenty of times. But, this time, he bolted across centre field to catch a pop-fly that seemed desperately out of reach. To everyone’s surprise – he caught it – but I mean, he really caught it. Gliding over the astroturf, over the border of gravel, Pillar sacrificed his body. He nearly slammed his face into the wall. That’s dedication. Initially I thought, whoa, it’s only the first series of the season, let alone, game two. Then, I remembered how amazing this guy is, and every little bit counts.

Our all-star third baseman, Josh Donaldson, is injured. Say it isn’t so. I just took the time to educate myself on Sportsnet  and they’re hopeful he’ll make a full recovery for tonight’s highly anticipated home opener. I didn’t realize he dealt with a calf injury most of last season too, so not only is he capable of sucking up pain, but he continues to braid his hair weirdly (ahem, playfully) underneath his ball cap. Gotta love a mohawk that’s french braided.

Marcus Stroman, on the other hand, has a beautiful smile. Yet, he tends to wear too much jewellery on the mound. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stroman. His last name is stitched on the back of my (latest) Blue Jays jersey. Killing it as starting pitcher (game 1), he knows how to control that ball. I’m thrilled to see where he’s going to take the Jays this year. Not to mention how cute his Instagram is (@mstrooo6). And yes, I follow him.

I stopped following Jose Bautista, though (@joeybats19). It seems as though he’s become full of himself. Rightfully so, he’s a home run King. For that reason, it’s not okay for Tampa to “boo” him for no good reason. Only people from Toronto can call Bautista out on his shit (a.k.a. Badtista). That slide of his into second base that cost them the last game of the series (game 3), was clearly not interference. The umpires’ call was completely diabolical. I just think it’s related to America hating Bautista. And you know what, it’s not right. At the end of the day Toronto praises him for that infamous bat flip at home-plate last season. You better be sure that he’ll do it again. Now he has the fire lit under his ass.

What does confuse me  – is  – Edwin Encarnacion. Encarnacion’s purpose is unclear to me at this time. With “two RBI’s in the first game of the series,” says Rhys, a Red Socks fan – I’m not on board with his batting. He seems to be sucking and I’m not entirely sure why. Hopefully he brings his A-Game to this weekends home opener series.

Troy Tulowitzki looks exactly like my friend Greg Snow. And it gets me every time. Not only does it boggle my mind, but it gets Cammie too. Have a look for yourself and you will know exactly what we mean.


Okay, if Tulo was smiling, you’d definitely be on the same page as us.

Tonight we are gathering at a friend’s to watch the Jays home opener (being hosted down the street at Rogers Centre). I’m so excited I might burst. It’ll be the first time I wear my Stroman jersey in public! Beer in hand, you know who I’ll be cheering for.

#ComeTogether Toronto – the 2016 season has begun.


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