Spring is the Easter bunny // Long-weekend vibes

FullSizeRenderEaster long-weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. Is it just me, or are short (4-day) work weeks always the busiest? It’s as if the Friday off – and those 8-9 hours – get crammed into the other weekdays. I even hopped on my email this morning to ensure tomorrow’s deadlines are met.

Friday off was wonderful. Not only did I get to spend extra time with Emilia-Bedilia (my mother), but we stayed in and watched our favourite TV series’ together (obviously with a nice hot cup of tea). This was in preparation for the immense grocery shopping we had to do the next day for Easter Sunday.

Every Easter I forget how many Italian-Canadian traditions we really have. But, as everyone is getting older (more specifically, my cousins and I) some of these have been tweaked to better suit our growing families. I never thought as a kid that the core of our traditions (us all being together) would come to an end. Though, time and time again, I’ve come to realize that change is inevitable. It’s the only constant in life. You gotta adapt.

As I ventured over to my Nonna’s on Saturday, I walked-in on a baking frenzy. There, inside her basement kitchen – typical Italian with two kitchens in her house – she was baking traditional easter bread. Not only that, but she had lasagna’s on the way, sweet bread with sprinkles, poor man’s pie (salami & cheese), and sweetened rice pie – TIMES THREE EACH. She made one of everything for each of her daughter’s families.

Italians never go hungry and neither do the people who date them. Poor Rhys. He doesn’t know what’s coming. That’s the second constant in life. You always leave full and with leftovers.

On that note, my mom is calling me to help her wrap asparagus with bacon. I hope that each of you has a delicious long-weekend. And that the Easter bunny was good to you.




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