Accidental Hiatus //

I didn’t notice at first, but soon – one month passed, then two – all of a sudden four and now six months – had gone by. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing. I go through these weird, awkward phases where I feel compelled to say something. Anything. Though nothing comes to mind. Random things flood my brain all the time, but nothing seems committable to “paper.”

I didn’t feel like sharing. 2015 wasn’t my favourite year to be completely honest, so it turns out – I didn’t have the energy to write. Even with many wonderful and crazy-beautiful things developing – I just wasn’t feeling it.

After taking so much time off from the blog, though, I feel like I’ve lost my creative groove. This blog is something that I took pride in. Something I started a few years ago to prove that I could manage a social media channel – a place to write about relevant, fun, meaningful and touching topics. I think it’s time to get back there, and I have some topics in mind.

I don’t think I’m going to write too frequently, but enough to share some cool things I’ve done in the last six months. Our Book Club for Two continues to take place during my subway commutes to work, which I love. With a list of topics I’m dying to cover, here we go 2016. Bring it. I’m ready.

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