Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? // Mindy Kaling’s Memoir

I used to chuckle when watching The Mindy Project (TV Series), but I’m positive it’s been cancelled – as many of my friends have told me. This outcome, though, really hasn’t affected me. That’s kind of the same way I felt when I finished reading, Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? Indifferent.

mindyThere was no feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment or growth when I finished reading Mindy’s memoir. Unlike Lena Dunham’s Not that kind of GirlMindy doesn’t really have any in-depth analysis’ (or just plain old reflective thoughts) about her own life events. I wasn’t intellectually stimulated the way I was while reading Lena’s Memoir.

Maybe comparing them directly isn’t really fair, so I have to admit there were some funny moments in Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? Her descriptions of the birth of Matt & Ben, a play she wrote with her best friend while in New York, was funny. And candid moments like her breaking Brenda’s nose by accident – on stage – during a performance, also hilarious. Graduating from college, moving to NY and trying to survive on a babysitting job – were all very relatable to my first couple of years after graduation, and trying to find a job in my field.

Yet, when she went on and on about The Office, I really didn’t care. I wasn’t a real fan of the show, so that probably skewed my opinion. But I really had no idea that she played a regular character on the show, wrote, directed and produced episodes! Another interesting fact I came across was that Mindy based The Mindy Project’s main characters profession, a gynaecologist, on her mom’s actual career path. Incredible, I know.

Meagan said it accurately though, this book is just way too long for the amount of “verbal diarrhea” Mindy shares with us, her innocent readers. I did manage to find one quote I really enjoyed:

“One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than 3 with whom you struggle to find things to talk about”

– Mindy Kaling

We are going to try reading Mindy’s next book, Why Not Me? I promise to remain unbiased, since her first book was written awhile ago, so maybe the next one will be better?


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