Shakes & Franks // Eating in Toronto

It’s important to choose a great dinner date no matter what the occasion. That’s the first thing I do when I discover a new-ish restaurant in Toronto that I am DYING to try.

When it came to Shakes & Franks (located on 2032 Queen Street East in the Beaches), I knew my besty Jess would be the perfect gal for the hot dog eating and milkshake drinking challenge. I first heard about Shakes & Franks from Alessandra, a girl I worked with early on at QMi/Sun Media, and it just so happens it’s her sister’s boyfriend who opened the place with his brother in 2012.

IMG_8389So, on a cold spring day – that felt a lot more like winter – Jess picked me up from work and we drove straight over for dinner. With pay parking right across the street, we were all set!  First on my list was the “Made with Nutella” milkshake. I had only heard FANTASTIC things, and trust me, they weren’t wrong. It was not only made with authentic Nutella, but real ice cream and whole milk too. DELICIOUS.

Choosing our franks (hot dogs) wasn’t easy. Thankfully, the staff had great suggestions and helped us through the selection process. Recently I’ve had a new obsession with pineapples on EVERYTHING. Naturally I selected the “Hula,” a bacon wrapped & deep fried dog with pineapple salsa and lemon garlic mayo toppings. You also can’t go wrong with mac & cheese, so “The Mac Attack” was our second pick. This was also bacon wrapped & deep fried, but topped with the original Mac N’Cheese that everyone knows and loves.


IMG_8392Since Jess and I decided to split each dog in half (naturally what best friends do, so that you can try more than one item on the menu), we had to get fries too. Say hello to the “Fiesta Fries.” These spuds were covered in pico de gallo, sour cream and cotija cheese. YUM. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Everything was so fresh, tantalized my taste buds in a subtle yet impactful way, and I definitely need to go back for more when it’s warmer outside. Who doesn’t love a restaurant where you can get Coca Cola in a glass bottle? Tell me who.


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