Survival Guide // 5 tips to surviving a break-up

IMG_8133With a few tricks up my sleeve for surviving a break-up, I’ve come to the consensus that there are 5 things a girl should do when her heart is broken.

1. Break the news to those closest to you (Keeping in mind that every time you tell someone new, you’re going to cry.)
A. Family First
Your mom is your best friend or at least your sister/sister-in-law is. Telling them will require ugly crying, but it will feel good to let them know right away. You don’t want them asking you, “Where is so and so?” Mom’s are the best because no matter how much they’ll miss him being around, they will always take your side first. You’re their daughter, and your heart is hurting. They know what to say and how to help. Sisters are great too! I think I would have completely crumbled and stayed in bed if it hadn’t been for Flo’s hugs and Toffee’s (her bichon-poo puppy’s) sweet kisses.

B. Call each best friend separately
You really want to utilize each best friends attention, and the way you do that is by telling them one by one. This not only allows you to tell the tragedy in full detail each time, but your friends are able to give you their advice and supportive thoughts in full as well. There is no time limit and you don’t risk getting overwhelmed by everyone’s responses all at once.

C. Tell your Bosses & Co-workers
When that Monday morning hits, and your adult responsibilities kick in, you’re going to have to force yourself to be emotionally stable. This is why you need to rip the band-aid immediately and let your bosses know. If you’re like me, and your bosses truly care about your well-being career wise as well as personally, it’s important to let them know you might not be yourself that week. Especially if you’re that A-type, determined to get the job done despite the circumstances gal, like me. Trust me, they will understand.

2. Get Waxed
Obviously this can’t be planned. It might not be that time of the month for you to get a Bikini Wax, but it was for me. So, I went the day after our breakup. To be honest, it was therapeutic. I’ve known Zoya (my waxing lady/quasi-therapist) for about two years now, so she’s up to date with my personal life. Of course I shared the whole story with her, cried, and was physically in pain when she pulled those strips. But, it helped … and I did it for myself.

3. Listen to Ariana Grande’s album My Everything (the Deluxe version) on repeat
Oh Ariana, why is your voice so beautiful and soothing? Though her pronunciation of words isn’t always accurate, her break-up and love songs really touched my soul. I highly recommend: One Last Time (which is on the radio now), Just a little bit of your heart, Break your heart back and My Everything – to get you through.

4. Revamp your everyday items … we’re talking bras and cheeky VS
Victoria’s Secret is the place to go after a break up. In need of some new things anyway, this was the perfect opportunity to restock my drawers. I purchased select items that would make me excited to get up and get dressed in the morning. What woman doesn’t need a little bit more colour in their lives? Even if it is just bras and something cheeky – get it?

5. Keep busy (an obvious one)
The best way for me to do this – was to commit to going to the gym after work during the week. It was great because my friend Vanessa would meet me there and we’d work out together. Going alone was beneficial too, I have to say. Here, you won’t obsessively keep thinking about what just happened, the break-up conversation, or be flooded with memories of the things you did together.

Ensuring you have solid plans on the weekends is another great time-filler. Your family and friends know you best, so if you’re a little depressed while hanging out – they won’t hold that against you. The girls and I had a Sex and the City marathon while painting our nails and applying Jamberry nail stickers.

IMG_8120Matthew and Flo’s wedding was a huge way to keep my brain busy and emotional breakdowns in check. It was great timing, really, as Flo’s bachelorette party was the following weekend. When planning a party you don’t have time for yourself, which was fantastic. That night I got to dress up, look sexy, drink a lot and dance it off.

Relationships, though fun and exciting, can be tough at times. This Survival Guide doesn’t insinuate that break-ups are easy. They aren’t. But I’m still a hopeless romantic. I know that will never change about me, even if I do decide to try out Tinder. Being single has its benefits and when I’m ready to get back in the game, I will.

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