Family Day // Well Spent

DSC00287Though I’ve been deathly sick all weekend long with a vicious cough that won’t quit – you know, the kind that’s deep in your chest? – I have spent a lot of quality time with family this weekend. For Valentine’s Day, Andrew and I decided to forego the romantics this year and embrace Family Day at the cottage instead.

DSC00277Andrew and I (with my littlest cousin Emily) managed to head up to our family cottage located in Orillia with 2 (out of 4) of my cousins. Here we participated in an evening full of Monopoly Empire – the board game.

The worst part about regular Monopoly is how long it takes for someone to win. Monopoly Empire caps the time limit of  at around 20 to 30 minutes per game. The object of the game is to own the most brands – for example Coca Cola, Xbox, Nestle, etc. – and build your empire.

The next day our snowboarding plans were deterred by the severe cold warning alert. In Orillia, Ontario it was around – 37. Yup, that’s minus thirty-seven degrees celsius during the warmest part of the day. So, what did we do? Bundled up and went for a walk out on the Lake. Yes, this is a tad dangerous, but with minus 40 conditions and snow mobile tracks, we figured it was okay.


To be honest. It was freezing and we definitely could have gotten frost bite if we stayed out longer than the 15 to 20 minutes that we did. That afternoon – cozy and enjoying the warmth of the cottage – we indulged in Cards Against Humanity.  Of course the youngest one there, Emily, is the dirtiest. She won, again.

All in all it was great spending the weekend with my cousins. We always have a good laugh, sing-a-long and dance party all in one – with way too much delicious food. We headed home late on Sunday afternoon instead of staying until Monday. Though we are true Canadians, and ones that brave the cold, sometimes you just need to get away from the brisk, chill of the lake.

Being home today has given me a chance to rest and drink a lot of warm tea. It has also allowed me to fully embrace my soon-to-be sister-in-law and brother moving back in to our house (with Toffee too) while their condo gets painted. And believe me, Toffee is too cute to not stay home with.

Happy Family Day to everyone in Ontario and happy Monday.


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