Wednesday // the worst

Wednesday is simply the worst day of the week. Warning – working full time is a slight contributor to this theory, but nonetheless it’s awful.

With two weekdays down (Monday and of course Tuesday), next in line is hump day plus two more WHOLE days. And trust me, the hump is always difficult to get up and over.

On Wednesday morning there are a total of three days left. You aren’t halfway through the week quite yet. It seems full of despair and aggravation before anything has really happened.

I’m not sure if it’s just the universe playing into my theory, but things always seem to go wrong on Wednesdays. The world seems to stop and present problem after problem – all simultaneously – until you get a grip and begin resolving them one by one.


Thursday, though, “the third day” (as Joey Tribbiani from Friends would say) is the best day. It leads straight into Friday and is pretty enjoyable all around.

But Wednesday, oh boy, you have to watch out for it. Each week it creeps up on you like your hair knotting on a windy day. Knots are impossible to get out without a comb.

Oftentimes, it feels like it should already be the weekend at this point.

In order to turn this day around, I’ve decided to treat myself each Wednesday morning to a tall – lactose free, vanilla latte from Starbucks. It’s been working so far, except, at $5 dollars a cup I’m not sure I can keep up the weekly tradition.

It definitely shouldn’t be called “the case of the Mondays,” but “a case of the humps” instead. Too much?


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