Guest Post: Hey, Watch This! // Television in 2015

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dee’s little cousin Isabella. I like long walks on the beach, dogs and hanging out in my onesie. Wait, this isn’t my Okcupid page? WOOPS.

Anyway, with Daniela out of town (lucky her), my plan to take over her blog can come to fruition.  She always asks me to write, and I always put it off—mostly due to my laziness and partially due to my incapability of figuring out how WordPress works. However, with 2015 AT OUR FINGER TIPS I’ve decided to write about some really amazing TV that I truly loved in 2014 and recommend in the upcoming year. I watch an EMBARRASSING amount of TV and I struggled with narrowing this list down. But HERE WE GO, in no particular order.


Broad City is for fans of HBO GIRLS who are tired of HBO GIRLS. Lena Dunham’s GIRLS is funny and introspective but often so incredibly stressful and exhausting to watch. Broad City follows a similar premise to GIRLS— starring two best friends Abbi and Ilana living their odd life in New York City. Unlike Girls, there isn’t really a cohesive storyline to the entire season of Broad City. Think of each episode as an individual sketch—focusing on one event in the girls’ lives. This makes sense because this is what creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are GREAT AT, especially since they studied at Upright Citizens Brigade (Amy Poehler’s comedy club/training centre in Chelsea, NY). For example, the first episode revolves around the girls trying to make enough money to go see Lil Wayne in concert. So basic, so fun. HANNAH, MARNIE, SHOSH and JESSA WOULD NEVER cover a premise so simplistic!! Second season begins January 14 and the fast pace of the show will make it a breeze to finish the first in NO TIME AT ALL. When you’re finished first season, check out the web series on Youtube that the show originally started up as before Amy Poehler decided to produce and take the concept to Comedy Central.


While not an actual instructional guide, How to Get Away With Murder is easily one of my favourite new shows. It stars Viola Davis. That’s all you really have to know. The show could easily just be Viola Davis staring at a wall and still be great and award winnin680.16x9g because it’s Viola Davis. But I GUESS if you’re into plot, there’s a murder shown first episode (not even a spoiler it’s basically in the title). Using flashbacks and flash forwards, the following episodes begin to piece together who did it and why. There’s quite a large cast, but the show does an amazing job at making sure the audience is invested in all the right (and sometimes wrong) characters. There’s murder. There’s sex. There’s the actress that played Paris in Gilmore Girls. You will not be disappointed.


Starring stand up comic of the same name, Inside Amy Schumer infuses stand up, sketch comedy and on the street interviews to create one BRILLIANT and hilarious show. Many of the sketches are on Youtube if you want to test the waters first. I recommend “Sex Prep”, “The Gab”, “Herpes Scare” and “I’m So Bad”. Some are raunchy, some have a deeper underlying meaning (see “A Very Realistic Military Game”) and some are just plain silly. What’s appealing about this show is that Amy Schumer is able to carve a very large space for women in comedy and it is amazing to watch. After seeing her do an hour set live at comedy festival JFL42 in Toronto, Amy has become someone I greatly admire—not just as a comic but as a writer and creator. Check out this show if you’re into sketch comedy and if you’re into watching girls kick some major ass in an industry they’re not always welcome in. There are 2 seasons already out and available, with a 3rd just announced last summer. Also search for some of her stand up and watch out for a movie she wrote called Trainwreck coming out this summer that is absolutely STACKED with comic geniuses.


For someone who watches as much TV as I do, I’m embarrassed to admit I finally just got Netflix. This show was actually recommended by my mother as she watches the American adaptation called Grace Point. However because I generally like British people more (and because it’s also the original), Broadchurch has been my new addiction. Meaning, I just started watching it 2 days ago. This drama is ALSO about a murder (yikes, this pattern is concerning) of a young boy in a tiny town. I don’t even like crime shows but there is something so appealing about watching it and being absolutely stumped about who did it. The focus is not on the murder itself, rather the effects of it in a small tight-knit community…which raises the audience’s suspicion even more. It’s PACKED tight with emotional drama, so bring your kleenexes upon viewing. With 8 episodes in the first season, this show wastes NO TIME at getting right at it. Starring David Tennant (in both the British and American versions…weird!), I’m surprised this show isn’t talked about more!


While a show about cops isn’t exactly a new idea, this sitcom does an old (and perhaps overdone?) concept RIGHT. Starring Andy Samberg as an immature but dedicated police officer in Brooklyn, there’s a reason why this show won 2 Golden Globes during it’s first season. The ensemble cast works amazing together and the writing is quick, smart and ridiculous. Watch out for comedian Chelsea Peretti who plays the office administrator Gina. Her one-liners constantly highlight an already well rounded show. If you’re looking for a new sitcom to watch after repetitively being pelted with shows like Big Bang Theory or Modern Family for the past few years (NO SHADE, JUST LIKE…WE GET IT GUYS, WE GET IT), Brooklyn 99 is incredibly refreshing. The second half of the second season just began this week, so there’s not too much to catch up on! If you become obsessed with Gina like I did, also watch Chelsea Peretti’s stand up special called “One of the Greats”. A bold title, but she’s not wrong!

And that’s all guys! If I should be watching something LET ME KNOW. Comment & tweet me at @iiisabellaaa. I’m currently belly button deep in a Gilmore Girls re-watch (thank you Netflix for this gift), but I will make time for any suggestions! Have a Happy New Year and I hope you have many onesie-wearing, comfy nights in doing some marathon TV watching!


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