A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens // Holiday Reads

I’m always pleasantly surprised by Classic Literatures ability to provide you with little insightful nuggets of wisdom. The best part about Charles Dickens is how simplistic his language is – making it easy to read – yet his stories are packed with little life lessons.


“External heat and cold had little influence on Scrooge. No warmth could warm, no wintry weather chill him.”
– Charles Dickens

I convinced Meagan to include A Christmas Carol into our book club list, mainly because of its length – it’s shockingly only 90 pages – and because it’s the Holiday Season. Then, when it was only $5 dollars on Indigo’s website, we definitely had to read it.

When I think about A Christmas Carol I picture Walt Disney’s Daffy Duck as Scrooge McDuck, or that really old black & white film that is over-the-top dramatic (and boring). But now I can reminisce about the original story.

Dickens’ short story is a much darker tale. It isn’t masked by cartoon animations, and Scrooge’s interactions with each ghost is terrifying. With many gothic elements like melodrama, romance and parody, I was able to connect with Scrooge on a more sympathetic level.

There are also a lot of scenes that were left out of the Walt Disney version, making this an even more exciting read! For example, alongside the Ghost of Christmas Past readers get to visit Scrooge’s childhood home and school. It’s interesting to see where Scrooge came from and how he became the money-obsessed grinch he is presently.

I would highly recommend Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to anyone looking for some Holiday Cheer, or if you’d like a good scare.


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