Buca, Yorkville // “Full of Friend Love”

At the end of our Girls Lunch today Cammie text me, “I’m full of friend love.” So – not only did we leave STUFFED with delicious Italian cuisine – but we also left lunch filled with quality best friend time.

It’s funny because on my way out to lunch, I knew I wanted to write about Buca the restaurant, yet I hadn’t expected to be so inspired by my girlfriends!

IMG_7620First things first, the food: On our table today were three main courses. Christina chose the Anolini – a stuffed pasta with roasted squash and fonduta di parmigano. Half of these divine ravioli’s had squash stuffing and the other half had the parmigano. I took one of each to start and cut them both in half. After tasting each half, I couldn’t decide which flavour I loved more. They were both equally delicious – forcing me to savour them all!

Cammie ordered the Burrata Pizza, which had preserved tomato, basil and burrata cheese. Another fine choice. The cheese was gooey, light and flavourful.

My favourite dish, though, was what I ordered – Spaghetti Pomodoro. This homemade, fresh pasta was accompanied by tomato leaves, seaside tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. One bite sent me straight back to Rome. It was on par with what I had eaten a few summers ago in Italy. You can’t go wrong with a simple and fresh red sauce.


Last, we ordered a dessert platter that had just about all of the sweet options on the board. The most famed dessert that Buca makes is its Canoli. So, we didn’t waste any time requesting a third Canoli to add to our wooden dessert board. Inside was dried fruit and pistachios. It definitely had a Panettone taste and texture, perfect with Christmas just around the corner.


Second, I’ve missed my besties – oh so much! With a list of personal things to share, some topics were light-hearted, but the majority were confessions. Real best friends hear your dirt, and the real shit that’s going on in your life. Things that I am scared to say out loud – because that would mean they’re real or true – I can spill to them. There is no judgement or harshness in their responses. Instead, it’s always true love and support.

IMG_7618Telling them things that I don’t want to admit to myself is hard. But once it’s out in the open, I feel so much better. Our hardships in life should be shared just as much as the good stuff – though, only with the people you really trust. It’s rewarding to know that I’m lucky enough to have these two friends (and two others) in my life that will listen, and help me see that I’m not the only one with these types of worries.

It’s normal to feel defeated in your twenties for a variety of reasons. Life isn’t always easy, and knowing that I can confess my sins – or bitchiest, meanest thoughts to these lovely ladies – makes me feel a WHOLE lot better.

Thank-you Buca, Yorkville for being the location where we bared our souls today. Oh, and for the delectable Italian mains & desserts!

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4 Responses to Buca, Yorkville // “Full of Friend Love”

  1. How sweet it is to be loved by you!

  2. Christina says:

    Yes!! Excellent summary. It was a girls lunch that lasted much longer than I thought it would for all the right reasons. A little quality girl time was what I didn’t know I needed today. ❤ ❤ ❤

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