The Littlest Cousin // a tale of turning 19

photo 1When you’re the last one to turn 19 years old in a big Italian family – you get spoiled rotten. My first cousins and I have always been close, so it’s no surprise that we came together to celebrate Emily’s 19th birthday this past October.

Providing club and bar recommendations was only the beginning. Emily had been excited for this day since she started to witness cousin after cousin leave New Years Eve at home with the family to party with friends instead! Honestly though, each New Years away just lead to returning to spend it with family the following year. Out of the last 3 NYE’s, I’ve spent 2 with Emily at our Nonna’s house.

photo 2Emily’s pre-drink was filled with family, and a brilliant hand crafted gift. I ventured to the LCBO and chose a selection of my favourite go-to drinks. This was a combination of 5 unique beverages: Strongbow Cider, Mill Street Organic, Mott’s Clamato Ceasar, a Swedish berry cider, and Guinness. I individually wrapped each tall can in tissue paper and wrote a number from 1 to 5 on each one. Each number corresponded with a “Drink Card” that explained the reason I chose each drink for her to try.

Once everything was wrapped, and written out, I placed the tall cans in a box that I tied with ribbon. Simultaneously, Emily opened each tall can and photo 3read the “Drink Card.” My present to Emily was basically a starter kit to drinking. Why not buy a 19-year-old a selection of alcohol, so that she can figure out what she likes and doesn’t like? Plus, she can save some money this way!

This little party animal is just getting started in the club scene. That night was filled with blue glow-stick rings (free from my work), plenty of drinks, laughter and dancing. I think we chose a good spot for her club-debut, Tequila Jacks.

The best part of Tequila Jacks is its resident DJ. Talented and original, DJ Ase mixes songs that you would never think of putting together, making Tequila Jacks a very fun place to get your groove on. Thanks to DJ Andy Steves, I appreciate awesome DJ’s even more now.

The next day was Thanksgiving at our Zia’s (Aunt’s) house, and Emily was looking pretty rough. Yet, leave it to me to be the only one who threw up the night before (the 26-year-old), though, it wasn’t because of any alcohol but a stomach bug instead.

Classic Dee.


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2 Responses to The Littlest Cousin // a tale of turning 19

  1. Emily Torchia says:

    Aw love this! Such a creative and helpful gift. I had so much fun 🙂

    • Dee says:

      I definitely had to change the month of November to October – woops! LOL

      That was a very fun night and I’m glad that Andrew and I could be there to celebrate with you 😉

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