What Alice Forgot // Epilogue Endings

What AliceWhat Alice Forgot is the second Epilogue of our Book Club for Two novel selection.

Now that I think about it, Moby Dick was no different and The Witchdoctor’s Bones also has an Epilogue.

First and foremost I think including an Epilogue is sort of cheating. Authors should finish their stories once and for all in a final chapter. Epilogue’s are a shitty way to wrap up as it leaves the reader feeling unattached and disconnected from the narrative. Oftentimes, I feel in disbelief because the author “neatly” ties up ALL those complicated loose endings.

With the Epilogue out of the picture, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading What Alice Forgot.

The last discussion that Meagan and I had definitely requires a SPOILER ALERT for anyone planning to read this novel.

Alice’s body remembering more than her brain after suffering a severe concussion was very intriguing, and quite possibly, my favourite part of the novel. The part that I hated the most was the Epilogues explanation that after everything Alice went through – she gets back together with her ex-husband.

Experiencing Alice’s new, loving relationship with her kids’ principle made it seem like this divorce was irreversible. Especially after seeing Nick’s (ex-husband) rude reaction towards Alice’s injury and personality throughout the entire novel.

However, the distasteful epilogue made it clear that Alice and Nick reconnected, he moved back into the family home, and their relationship was on the road to recovery. This ending wasn’t believable, and usually I’m not this harsh on fictional novels.

Something else that stuck with Meagan and I was how Alice’s real age didn’t match her reactions to things. Oftentimes, she was a naive school girl fawning over her ex-husband. I really wanted to shake her at times and say, “WAKE UP ALICE! Maybe you should focus on re-getting to know your kids instead of chasing after your broken relationship!”

I don’t think she would have listened.

Regardless, it was a novel that I enjoyed reading and would recommend it to anyone! In fact, I believe that I already have. On to the next novel.

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