From David Bowie to Regis Philbin // NYC Day 4

There is always that blissful honeymoon period once you return from a vacation. You aren’t thinking about work, are hung up looking at photos/videos from your trip, and continue to describe your experience to friends.


Where the David Bowie sighting happened!

Well, that happy period is over. It’s been about 1.5 months into my new job (I mean career) and I am no longer in vacay mode. By continuing to write this NYC series, I’m reminiscing and miss the NYC vibe more than I thought I would – to be honest. So, here’s how Day 4: June 5th went for mom and I.

Pitt(s): Well, it was raining. Hard. I mean, it was coming down to the point where I didn’t want to wear my converse because I knew they’d be soaked all day. I opted for Birkenstocks instead. They would dry when the sun decided to make an appearance later that day. 

For this reason, we decided to take our chances on a city bus tour. Since we love Friends the sitcom very much, Mom and I chose the Movie & TV Bus Tour. You can catch this bus right in the middle of Times Square, and there are many brochures with information on how to reserve your seats.


Friends sitcom buildings!

The only REAL downside, besides the weather, was that our first coach bus was in shambles. The DVD player was broken, so at first our tour guide struggled to show us the clips that went along with the drive. Then, he realized that he had to order another bus, which we didn’t get on until about 40 minutes into the tour.

Peak(s): There were many highlights, but the BIGGEST one was having a glimpse of David Bowie during our stop over in Washington Square ParkHe had his head down, dressed regularly to the point where we sort of missed seeing him, and speed walking through the square. Incredible. Once of my favourite childhood movies is The Labyrinth where he plays the infamous Goblin King. Funnily enough, our tour guide was the most star struck – a New York resident and part-time actor who once played the hand double of Chuck from Gossip Girl – hilarious.


Heath Ledger’s Apartment.

Next, we drove through the TriBeCa area and spotted Jay-Z and Beyonce’s floor sized condo. Other mentionables that we experienced while on the tour were: standing in front of the Ghost Busters Fire House, Monika and Rachel’s Apartment from Friends – along with Ugly Naked Guy’s (turned Ross’) apartment across the street – Heath Ledger’s apartment (where he lived in NY and passed away in, sadly), and Jack Kerouac’s neighbourhood, just to name a few.

The Movie & TV Tour was a total of 3 hours. Honestly, I think it was worth it. Hesitant at first, the shitty rain and cool breezes persuaded us. It was an awesome bus tour experience.

IMG_6978With the sun on our side, we headed towards the Rockefeller Center and NBC Building. Though we walked through the building, we didn’t go up to the conservatory. There was about an hour wait and we had already gone to the top of the Empire State Building.


St. Patricks Church

Next, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which is within close walking distance from Rockefeller Center (and dangerously, an Anthropologie). My mom told me that this is Regis Philbin’s church, among other celebrities, so that was exciting! It’s also beautiful inside. They are doing some renovations, but it was one of the most glamorous churches I’ve had the experience of walking through.

With all these star sightings and A-list celebrities on the brain, it was a very fabulous Day in NYC, if I do say so myself.

Be sure to check out our earlier adventures by reading, “From Lady Liberty to the 9/11 Memorial” and “Mother Daughter Trip // New York State of Mind.



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