What Alice Forgot // The Book Club Lives On

Who knew we could get through Moby Dick? Granted, we devoured that beast of a novel at our own – slow-ish – pace. With that said, the book club lives on my friends. Right now we’re reading What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. This novel can be purchased quite easily from Indigo. It wasn’t out on any table, but neatly put away in the fiction section.

So far, it’s much easier to read than Moby Dick and there isn’t much confusion with characters or plot lines. Well, that’s a tad ironic though, because the protagonist (Alice) is navigating through life with a concussion that has caused her to forget the last ten years of her life.

Believe me, a lot can happen in ten years, by the sounds of it.

BlogWe’ve been able to increase our page count per week, which is a blessing since this novel is also long. It is about 500 pages, to be exact. We aren’t making it too easy for ourselves, but I am enjoying the challenge.

FUN FACT: Meagan pointed out that this novel was the author’s way of writing about time travel. Apparently, she didn’t understand the logistics of time travel, so this was her outlet – amnesia.

There are some annoying aspects about the novel. I think it’s more of a personal preference, though. Ever since I was forced to read Pamela for my British Literature II course – I have zero tolerance for epistolary novels. Epistolary means a series of letters, or correspondence.

There are three narratives in this novel so far. Alice which is plot driven, Elizabeth is reflective and writes letters to her therapist as a homework assignment, plus Frannie who writes letters to some man she was supposed to marry – yet we don’t know his relation to Frannie presently or Alice. 

Our first discussion about the book does require a SPOILER ALERT. So, if you are interested in reading this novel, then read no further…

First of all, WHO IS GINA? My theories early on were that she was the name of Elizabeth’s (Alice’s sisters) miscarried baby, but then, it dawned on me. Gina could possibly be the reason why Alice was divorcing her husband. Was she part of an affair?

Something that remains shocking is the fact that Alice doesn’t remember her three children at all. She does remember being pregnant with her first child, but that’s it. Alice is MORE concerned about getting her husband back then taking care of the kids. Her morals are just a little messed up and we can’t really relate.

Stay tuned for more chats on, What Alice Forgot.





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