Greenwich Village to the Empire State Building // NYC Day 3

IMG_6896The key to navigating without Google Maps (because I didn’t want roaming charges) and using a paper map, is to stay relaxed. You’d think this wasn’t difficult, but once you start getting lost and circling in a new place, it isn’t always easy.

This didn’t stop my mom and I from enjoying Day 3 in NYC!

IMG_6841Waking up knowing you’re going to walk around Greenwich village is VERY exciting if you have read the novels of Jack Kerouac – or other Beat Generation authors – and all that jazz. Yet, there isn’t really a designated spot in NY or a “village” per-see. It’s more of an undesignated area. That morning, I believe that we walked through it because we were in the middle of Broadway and Lafayette Street. This was definitely a highlight, but not quite the biggest Peak of the day.

IMG_6845Next, we stumbled upon NYU (New York University) where Ross from Friends taught a class, which is beside Washington Square Park (where we later had a GLIMPSE of David Bowie – more to come on that during Day 4). From there we made it into SoHo, and of course, China Town. To our surprise, and thankfully for our poor decimated feet from walking everywhere, all these MUST SEES were in close walking distance from each other.


IMG_6874The Pitt, which truly breaks my heart, is how small Little Italy has become. Surrounded by China Town with an entrance of oversized sun flowers hanging above the street entrance, Little Italy is four to five solid blocks – ONLY. For the most part, it’s literally ONE STREET. For some reason, I had imagined that it was much larger, and maybe at one point in time – it was?

There was a glimmering and unexpected PEAK while visiting Little Italy, though, and it was the washroom. I know, it sounds weird. You know that you’re in a clean, Italian bathroom when it smells like bleach! I didn’t need to use toilet paper to cover the seat in this Italian restaurants bathroom, oh no, I sat my ass right down on that seat. It smelt like home.


Rice Balls from the lovely restaurant with the cleanest bathrooms around NY!

IMG_6909With the entire afternoon left, and endless possibilities in NYC, we headed to the Empire State Building. Amazed at the fact that there was no line to get to the top, this was our second PEAK of the day. I know it’s cheating to have two Peaks, but walking through the building and surpassing where a line-up (of up to 2 hours) normally is, well, that’s just lucky. At the top of the Conservatory – you can see the WHOLE of NYC. All the movies come to mind that were filmed up there – none of which I can remember now – but WOW. That view. Peak, peak, peak of a lifetime.

Day 3 was so incredible that it passed my expectations. I’m sure my mother would say the same. To find out how this Mother-Daughter trip all started, read: “New York State of Mind.



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    We would love to post the picture and text from the Empire State Building at toemail if you do not mind?

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    It’s posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it! 🙂

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