Guest Post: The Final Chase // Moby Dick

By: Meagan Laroque

I’d like to start this off by informing you that I took the time to think of creative ‘rapper’ names for Moby Dick to spice things up a little. I think if Herman Melville were alive today he would appreciate it, and probably incorporate some into his novel.

M. Dickie Slam is a story about (spoiler alert!) a ship traveling throughout the waters in search of a ferocious whale named Moby Dick (aka Sly Assassin). They meet another boat, ask if they’ve seen Mo’ Dick, run into a different whale and chase it down, catch the whale, meet another boat, ask about Mo Dizzle, chase another whale, catch the whale, meet another boat… you get the point. Every once in a while they see the star of the show, M-D, and he gets away, taking a limb or a life with him in his escape.

I know this is a classic story and I appreciate that. It’s clever, witty, and explores a number of subjects such as power, social status, and good vs. evil. I marked some really good quotes while reading. Having said that, I would suggest you only read all chapters relating to Queequeg (as he is our favourite character), and the last 60-ish pages (which ends up being about 1/10 of the book).

If, however, you’re patient enough to read through numerous internal dialogues debating whether whales blow air or water out of their spouts, or are they nostrils, is that a nose, and do whales have ears, etc., then feel free to read the whole book. The epilogue in particular is hilarious. Or ironic? I’m not really sure what the literary term is but it definitely made me LOL.

If you’re any good with calendars, you’ve already figured out that Dee and I took a really, really long time to finish this book. Apart from the fact that it was extremely dry in many parts, it’s also a massive book, which made it difficult to read while traveling (so difficult in fact that while I was in Hawaii and Daniela in New York, neither of us brought the book with us).

Our Skype chats would start with a short discussion of M. Swagga, and quickly progress into catching up on what’s going on in one another’s lives. I am glad that humorous Dee was there to make jokes while reading along, otherwise I’m not so sure I would have finished reading the book. Needless to say, I am SOOooOoOoo excited to start our next book, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, in our Book Club for Two!

Feel free to leave other alternative ‘Moby Dick’ suggestions in the comments, or even let me know which one was your fave!

To read more about our earlier discussions on the novel, click on: “Conscious Reasonings // Moby Dick” or “It’s not down in any map; true places never are. // Moby Dick.”

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1 Response to Guest Post: The Final Chase // Moby Dick

  1. Dee says:

    Meagan!!! I loved the post so much as it was the perfect – humorous – ending to such a tedious novel! Yes, there were highlights and we managed to quote a lot of things (as you mentioned), but if it weren’t for you lighting the fire under my ass, I might have threw MD aside and never returned.

    Can’t wait for our next great adventure through literature together!! 😊

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