Dads are Cool // Father’s Day

Fathers, fathers, fathers…when I think about my dad and the other fathers in my family – I think of how they’re often the life of the party. Yup, you heard me right.


From left to right: Zio Frank, Andrew (my boyfriend), my brother Matthew, and my Dad

Us women don’t like to admit it, but during family events, my father Michael along with my Zio (Uncle) Romeo and Zio Frank are pretty hilarious guys. It’s fun to sit next to them because after dinner you are guaranteed a shot of your choice of alcohol. Even maybe during dinner, they’ll slip you a few beers. That’s just how they roll.

Other things that come to mind when I think about my dad is how helpful he is when I’m having a tantrum and need life advice ASAP – there just isn’t any other way to communicate vital information unless I get an answer immediately. Honestly, he’s pretty good at hearing me out and calming me down when the time calls for it. I would say, about 95% of the time I follow his lead and do what he deems best.

We also can’t forget my Nonno, who has warmed up even more over the years, as we all get older. He has a great sense of humour and shares his own little life advice with you when it’s just the two of you. Also a pretty sensitive guy, he enjoys it most when we’re all together. More importantly, he is the best to watch the Italian Fifa World Cup 2014 soccer matches with. I love his play-by-plays.

This is why I bought him an Italian flag for his car. Even my Father is getting a Blue Jay’s t-shirt with José Bautista’s name since you can’t go wrong with sports on Father’s Day.


From left to right: Florencia (my Brother’s girlfriend), my Mom, Andrew (my boyfriend), and my Dad!

Throughout my life, my dad, zios (uncles), and Nonno (grandfather), have had a strong influence on me. Always present, often in a good mood and interested in my life – that’s really the best part about Fathers.

Today, I cheers to all these great Fathers that I get to have dinner with tonight – obviously, it’s at my house!


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2 Responses to Dads are Cool // Father’s Day

  1. There’s nothing like living with another family that makes you miss your own!! Keep my usual seat open tonight at the father’s day party!! Happy father’s day to all the Varone men!

    • Dee says:

      Oh Isabella!! Your seat will always be open for you! Esp because it’s beside me 😉 Also, the roles are reversed this year with you away and me being here. It is odd, I must say. Plus I’m PMS’ing and all emotional about it. Lol

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