Mother-Daughter Trip // New York State of Mind

IMG_6613This mother-daughter trip was like no other trip before, well, at least for me it wasn’t. Having spent a lot of quality time together prior to our vacation to New York, on account of my cousin’s wedding and my unemployment, this was going to be interesting. Yet, we survived the navigational errors when it came to the trains (i.e. the New York subway), and numerical street names, making for a fantastic journey across the urban jungle.

As I’ve done in the past with my trip to Italy, click here to read more about that adventure, I am going to break down our New York trip into a mini series that describes the pitt and peak of each day – Kardashians style.

Day 1: June 2nd


My oldest cousin Julia’s wedding, was the Saturday before our big trip. We were to depart on Monday, and I had of course left packing to the last-minute. In retrospect, maybe we should have delayed our vacation a few more days, so that our poor feet could recover from all the dancing at the reception.

Regardless of all that, though, everything went smoothly. My father dropped us off at the Toronto Pearson International airport on his way to work, and off we went. Not a problem in sight. Once we landed – after a turbulence filled flight that gave me nausea – it was easy to get our bags and head towards the cabs.

Thinking that we could save a little money at the beginning of this tourist attraction filled trip we opted out for a personal cab ride to our hotel – the Marmara Manhattan – for a shuttle instead. Here is where our Pitt of the day comes into play.

Pitt: At first, we didn’t mind the 15 to 20 minute wait for our shuttle to arrive. During this time my mom and I ate a sandwich that we previously purchased. However, once we got in the shuttle van, it took quite some time to pick up the other passengers at the airport.

In total there would be 4 other stops, made up of couples and single passengers, in our shuttle. It just so happened that all these customers were staying in hotels located in and around Times Square. Ours, however, was the furthest away on 94th street located in East Manhattan. What does that tell you? Well, we were the last to be dropped off after about 1.5 hours of sitting in that shuttle.

Yes, we did get a great tour of the city, but since it was our first time there – we were a little disoriented when it came to figuring out how to get back to that place from our actual hotel. Exhausted and frustrated with ourselves, knowing that we should have just opted for a “big yellow taxi,” we checked into our hotel immediately. There would be no more wasted – or lost – time spent in New York from here on out.

IMG_6638Peak: With this as our new mindset we discovered that Central Park was just a short walk away from our hotel, and the nearest New York attraction. Once there, we entered the park at the 5th avenue entrance, and began walking. Ideally, we wanted to rent bicycles to save our feet, but we couldn’t find them from where we had entered the giant park.

No big deal, we took our time strolling through this beautiful park. Along the way we realized that there weren’t many maps, and had to navigate through the walkways, bicycle lanes and intersections on our own. I was thrilled when we finally found the Alice in Wonderland monument, it is my favourite children’s novel, after all!

The centre pond where people drive their sail boats was definitely a highlight. The view is gorgeous, to say the least, and it has been featured in so many famous movies! Not to mention, the Shakespeare in the Park Theatre where Romeo and Juliet are caught in a loving embrace, was exciting to see. My love of literature follows me everywhere. Actresses like Meryl Streep have also performed here, and it was incredible to actually be there in person. This was one of my most favourite experiences while in New York.


IMG_6695Neither a Pitt, nor a Peak, later that night we decided to venture to Times Square. It was fun to take the number 6 train (known as the subway to Torontonians) into the heart of the city. Once at the Times Square stop, we boarded a free shuttle – also an underground train – that took us the rest of the way. Overwhelmed by the amount of people walking around this urban hot spot, we didn’t stay too long, and returned to our hotel at a decent hour.

Stay tuned for more of our New York adventures on Day 2: June 3rd. Believe me, there are many more Pitt’s and Peaks because no trip is 100% smooth sailing.



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4 Responses to Mother-Daughter Trip // New York State of Mind

  1. Frank says:

    Can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  2. haha i love the subway there! it’s so gross, but it just feels like a more authentic nyc experience!

    • Dee says:

      You’re right about that! I just felt like I was slipping and sliding each time I sat down though. Very slippery seats.

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