Game of Thrones Exhibit // Family Sticks Together

When Isabella (remember her? My cousin that is a master at surfing the web?) mentioned that TIFF was going to host the Game of Thrones exhibit, and it was a FREE event with tickets available online, I obviously yelped, “YES! Doesn’t matter when!”


IMG_6311Strategically, I believe, she woke up early to get three tickets to the exhibit. What a champ! Isabella, my Zia (Aunt) Connie and I met at the Tiff Lightbox Building in Toronto about an hour earlier than our entrance time. This was perfect as it gave us time to wait in line to sit on the Iron Throne! Each individually, but more hilariously, as a mafia-style looking family.

Once inside, all three of us were mesmerized by the props and costumes. I was most taken away by Margaery Tyrell’s wedding dress. Previously, I’d watched a video that explained the making of the dress, and discovered that each of those roses along her train were delicately hand-made! Ah, love.

IMG_6307The weapons were especially creepy. They had one of the White Walkers ice swords on display, and just looking at it gave me chills. Jaime Lannister’s severed hand (prop of course), just hanging there, definitely made me a little nauseated.

By far the coolest and most interactive part of the whole exhibit was the simulation ride. Zia Connie was extremely nervous because we had heard that you get shot down by White Walkers’ flaming arrows, or even possibly see the White IMG_6312Walkers! I was also scared shitless to say the least.

The people who worked at each elevator booth were VERY comforting though. The woman helped me build up enough courage to follow along with the video and turn around. The 4D video (or whatever you call it) felt like real life. I went up the White Wall elevator, and it looked beautifully snowy and white. Observing everything, I kept my cool as the ground was shaking and wind was blowing all around me. The experience of just being “part of the show” or “in the show” was so awesome.

IMG_6315Once at the top, the woman tapped me on the shoulder to turn around. Doing as she directed I was frightened, and nervous to see what was on the other side of the wall. All of a sudden, arrows that were lit on fire were being shot at me. Thinking that I had missed them because I moved out-of-the-way that wasn’t the case. I began to FALL off the side of the wall into white – nothingness. Of course, I screamed!

Something of interest that you wouldn’t think about while watching the show, is how skinny Daenerys Targaryen – well, the actress – is! She is one tiny woman and her costume showcased that. Most of the characters, such as the Red Woman, appeared shorter than I had imagined them in real life. Guess that’s the magic of film and television.

IMG_6329Another hilarious aspect of the exhibit, which was also the saddest, was the Memorial. Here, all the “good people” who have passed away were represented by a photo and explanation of their death. No one is safe on GOT and that is what makes it so exciting. We can all remember an episode when someone has died and we were completely entranced out of horror while watching.

This was a Sunday night well spent, and I have Isabella to thank for it. Tagging along with her and Zia Connie was a blast, but I really didn’t expect anything less. Our family has quite the sense of humour when we want to!

IMG_6304If you’re interested in reading more on GOT check out my review on the “Red Wedding” episode – such a crucial and viral scene for this series – then be sure to click here.


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4 Responses to Game of Thrones Exhibit // Family Sticks Together

  1. Rick says:

    Good stuff, Dee 🙂 Sounds like a super cool exhibit! Love the pics!

  2. So fun! Can’t believe it was free too. Big ups to HBO on that one.

    • Dee says:

      You’re so right! Unfortunately, I didn’t even mention HBO 😳 maybe I should have done that? Thanks for reading Issy!

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