All Ages // Avicii

When I purchased two Avicii tickets for Andrew‘s Valentine’s Day gift, I didn’t even notice that it was an all ages event. I was under the assumption that it was a regular 19+ event just like Swedish House Mafia and Digital Dreams Music Festival was.

IMG_6284While speaking to my friend Lisa, I asked her if she was down to go and if we could get a group going? Her response, “No, isn’t it all ages?” Then, it hit me. “Oh. Yes, it is actually,” as I glanced at our purchased tickets. At the time neither Andrew or I were concerned because I had been listening to Avicii’s latest album True since its release a few months ago.

What I love about Avicii, which is unlike Tiesto’s Club Life albums – I find, is that each song on True has original elements. What I mean by that is, the songs’ layers are made from scratch (this is common amongst all DJ’s), but also, the lyrics are completely “composed” by him. Rather than take already existing pop hits and mix them (which he also does, but didn’t for this album), he used original lyrics and – unknown – vocalists.

IMG_6282From the ground up, the song is completely his style.  Interestingly enough, what I enjoy most is the orchestral and classical influences that can be heard in his sound. Also, he hit the nail on the head by producing some country-sounding tracks at a time when the genre of country music is on the rise – making them perfect for top 40 radio.

With that said, it makes sense that he would try to appeal to “all ages,” so the 14 to 18 year old crowd. They hear his singles on the radio and know enough of him to buy tickets to his concert here in Toronto. Andrew made a great point, saying that Avicii is from Sweden and there the culture for House music is different. The whole EDM and House fans/audience starts at a younger age. Makes sense.

IMG_6255However, having attended the concert and choosing the 200 level tickets was the best choice. Apparently, there were many news reports published Sunday morning that stated a large number of young people were rushed out of the Rogers Centre and to hospitals due to dehydration (fainting), over dosing on drugs, and alcohol related emergencies. The floor level of Rogers Centre was a complete disaster as well. Figures.

As we stood in line to enter the Rogers Centre we saw many young teens with their asses hanging out, hyped up and just all over the place. Ah, to be young again. I too went to all ages clubs and dressed in provocative clothing, but to be the “elder” – at age 26 – and having experienced other similar concerts, I was shocked. Usually it’s 19 year olds and older wearing short shorts, decorated bras and flowers in their hair.

IMG_6275For me personally, it was odd to see this type of crowd because they only know the hits. Andrew and I enjoy the genre of EDM and house, so when Avicii played his old stuff, paid tribute to people like Swedish House Mafia, and other great DJ’s – we were amazed by his ability to mix in those hits so effortlessly. Oftentimes, I’d look around and see these kids uninterested, bored and sitting down since they didn’t know the songs. Even songs off his album True that haven’t been played on the radio were unknown to the majority of the crowd. Whereas Andrew and I knew the songs and drops by heart. Not true fans at all.

Besides the crowd and all the medical mishaps, Avicii was incredible. Watching such a young DJ having fun and playing with the crowd is always fun to see, no matter how far away your seats are!


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