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dj1I’m not a club promoter, but when it comes to Andrew’s (a.k.a. DJ ANDY STEVES) dj gigs, I am determined to get my friends to flock to the event.

Club-life (or club-culture) is an interesting world. One that I wasn’t familiar with until I started tagging along as moral support for Andrew. With that said, all of Andrew’s events have been successful, and that is because Gravity Sound Bar gives him the freedom to play his sets.

The first time Andrew disk jockeyed it was in Gravity’s Hip Hop room, which is off to the right-hand-side of the stairs, and on the second floor. Ultimately, it’s not a very big space, so if people don’t enjoy the music – it’s very obvious to club owners.

Yet, when people stopped to grab a drink or were passing through to look over the balcony and see the main stage, more often than not, they stopped and danced. Andrew’s music attracted them while his mixes made them stay. Though there were some complaints, as he is an Electro House and Progressive House DJ performing in a regularly hip hop room, overall he did a fantastic job mixing on the ones and twos – literally.

DjNext, it was on to bigger and better things, the Main Stage at Gravity. Here, he opened for The Angry Kids and he even helped out some of the other dj’s scheduled to play that night who didn’t have the right equipment – free of charge. The night was incredible! We decided to pitch on bottle service because as a young dj that is part of the deal. He had to ensure that he could cover at least one booth as a trade-off for getting the opening dj spot.

To his credit, we did pull it off and gathered enough friends to make it happen. Not only did we have way too much to drink – seeing as the booth is for a maximum of 6 people – but we had so much fun listening to our friend, and my boyfriend, living his dream on stage.

Oftentimes, you meet people and they say that they’re a dj, but not many of those people get club gigs. Some are scheduled for parties, such as: weddings, sweet 16’s, prom night, anniversaries, etc. So, when I first met him – I hate to admit that I was a tad sceptical – but I was. Watching him learn new tricks of the trade and get gigs along the way, has been really special. Andrew does delve into parties as well and his side business is pretty booming at the moment.

You may view me as biased – I am his girlfriend, after all – but just have a listen to his Sound Cloud by clicking on DJ ANDY STEVES, and you’ll become a follower of his posts too! The fluidity of his mixes, mixing in song after song, is pretty flawless. Also, he works hard to emphasize each drop while making an impact with his unique song selections.

My personal favourite is, “Break-Up to Make-Up,” and knowing how much he practices – I know that he deserves all the opportunities that he has worked towards. He is calculated, well-thought-out and takes chances when deciding which tracks to mix together. Not to mention, he comes up with some pretty creative titles.

He’s just that talented.

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