They Come in All Shapes and Sizes // Mothers Day

Hopefully, all you readers are out and about, spending quality time with your moms right now. The only reason why I’m sitting here, blogging about today, is because our mother’s day celebration isn’t starting until 6pm.

That’s a lame excuse I know, but my Nonna is hosting a barbecue for everyone. Plus, Emilia (my mother) went to church and to buy flowers for the yard. Regardless, of all that though, I think it is important that today – unlike my past Mother’s Day Posts – I make a shout out to all the mom’s that did not give birth to me.

image_1358780333637570You know, moms come in all shapes and sizes. They can be anyone who takes care of you, or shows you unconditional love and support. For example, my mom’s sisters (Zia Anna, Zia Connie) and Nonna always look out for me.

Having grown up as a tight-knit Italian famiglia my god mother, Zia Anna, is always honest with me. If something I’m wearing looks good or bad, she’ll be the first to let me know! She gives fantastic life advice that presents the cold hard facts, and it’s always delivered with a “matter of fact” answer. With two daughters of her own, she always buys me great clothes, scarves, and gifts at Christmas. Zia Anna is someone who I admire.

730658_10100282984893705_1228542724_nZia Connie, my mom’s youngest sister, is a great conversationalist when it comes to the trials and tribulations of tutoring. She is a full-time teacher, after all, with many years of experience under her belt! Moreover, I can always count on a hot, soothing cup of tea at her house. She has stacks of Davids Tea in a variety of flavours available. Knowledgable about jewellery too, she is another great gift buyer. All jokes aside, I love my Zia Connie because we highly value education and the pursuit of knowledge, or new experiences in general.

P1020900Then, there is Nonna. Thank god for her because whenever I’m upset about something at home – i.e. my mother – I can go to her to be consoled. Oftentimes, we do this in her kitchen , which is only a 5 minute walk away, over coffee and imported cookies from Rome. Typical Italian behaviour, I know. If you’re at all curious to know more about my Nonna’s advice, click here. She is the matriarch of the family and someone we all love very much.

Oh Emilia, then there is my mom. The one who birthed me. Though we have our ups and downs, I cannot wait for our mother-daughter trip – scheduled for this June – to New York City! Neither of us have ever been to this state, and we’re very excited to venture through this urban landscape, just the two of us. That’s right. We are leaving all the men behind (father and boyfriend) for an adventure of our own. In the past, my mom has visited me while I was in school many times! So, this should be a cinch.

img_0832The reality is that there could be more than one mom in your life, and that’s okay! That just means you have an amazing support system. I’m lucky to be able to say that all of the above women have influenced my life in a “motherly” way, and will continue to do so throughout my life. It’s not about spending just today with your moms, but making time whenever you can to just go shopping, have lunch, or hangout and watch a movie together!

Girono felice della madre!

Happy Mother’s Day Emilia (Zia Anna, Zia Connie and Nonna, too)!


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2 Responses to They Come in All Shapes and Sizes // Mothers Day

  1. How beautiful! Brought me to tears!!!!! Love you! From one of your moms, Zia Connie!

    • Dee says:

      Haha, FINALLY!

      Thank-you for reading Zia Connie. I didn’t even think that you would see this post 🙂

      Happy Mother’s Day, and see you for dinner! xoxox

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