Best & Worst // Met Gala (2014)

It is my humble opinion, and believe me – it’s just that! I am not an expert in fashion. However, I do know what I like and what I don’t.

As I drank my morning coffee and perused all of the celebrity instagram accounts that I follow, along with the Vogue Website (where the below pictures are taken from), it’s ironic that Stella McCartney created the best and worst looks at the Met Gala (2014).

cara-delevigne_211559375349.jpg_gallery_maxThe BEST dressed, by far, was Cara Delevingne’s look by Stella McCartney.

I say this because it is on trend with an elegantly, black panelled crop top paired with classic white skinnies.

Her makeup reflects a beauty rooted in simplicity, and the loose side curls add elegance to the entire look. I love that it is a play of soft and hard.

Seeing some of those full-skirted dresses makes me wonder how the girls even sat or ate dinner. Pants, among a sea of dresses, stands out in all the right ways.

rihanna-2_204847320416.jpg_gallery_maxOh Lordy, and I never say that, the WORST dressed was Rihanna. Again, designed by Stella McCartney.

In all honesty, I do have a personal dislike of Rihanna, so that may be influencing my choice.

However, her hair makes this look unbearable! Also, what’s going on with her nipples? I hate when I can see a woman’s outlined nipple on her dress.

This is a classy event, so the nipple exposure paired with her ratty hair do – makes this my least favourite. Making a minimal change, such as a slick pony tail or better styled hair in general, would have saved her.

Going edgy is one thing, I understand the contrast between being covered up and showing your midriff, but the inclusion of shoulder pads and a choker is outdated. Rihanna could have done much better on this one.

kim-kanye_205856808906.jpg_gallery_maxThere were many couples that attended the event, and I have to say I do have some fan favourite love birds.

With all the hype of Kim and Kayne being on the Vogue cover, I do love their fashion sense (or Kayne’s influence) together.

How sophisticated and classic does Kim look here? She is wearing a Lanvin dress. The classic coat tail paired with a skinny fit tux is also very chic and masculine.

I had to include this second couple, and rightfully so from this sensual picture. This woman sure knows how to pose!

prutting-met-gala-great-hall-9-010_214811440044.jpg_carousel_partiesIn head to toe white, Victoria Beckham is whimsically stunning! Her look is designed by herself, and matches with David’s white jacket paired with black pants by Ralph Lauren.

Just knowing that their kids are at home with the babysitter, makes their style and this image even more adorable. Ah, to be in love.

With that said, I hope I didn’t manage to offend anyone. I am also open to your opinions, all you fashionistas out there, you!

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