Jays Home Opener // Reyes Sits

IMG_5943I have fallen in love with how shortstop Jose Reyes plays on and off the field. Not only does he have something I like to call, “field swagger,” but he has a true love of the game. Always smiling. He’s also at the top of the batting list for a reason for…he’s a reliable – get on base – kinda hitter. Not to mention how excellent of a sprinter he is…

Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten much play time this past week due to an injury. A tightness in his left hamstring to be exact. Not to fret though, my friends, he’s sitting on the bench supporting his team with a smile from ear to ear. That’s a true team player and one that I admire.

IMG_5945I know from past experience how tough it can be to take a seat as a result of your body desperately needing to heal. You support your team and watch from the side lines, but often it’s hard to keep your head in the game strategically.

IMG_5942Andrew’s dad got us tickets to the game today, and not just any tickets, but the greatest tickets of all. I’m happy to announce that we were lucky enough to be seated behind the plate! With that said, I’ve also been DYING to see the NY Yankees.

Though sitting in the nose bleeds is also extremely fun – it’s a different kind of excitement. Heckling the outfielders is a blast, and I love organizing a group of my friends to attend.

IMG_5947Nothing beats a Sunday at the field (behind home plate) with beer in hand – next to my Nugget – though. I just can’t wait for Reyes to take his rightful spot on field next to Brett Lawrie – a duo that is truly unstoppable.

They almost made a comeback today in those last two innings, but alas, they lost to the Yankees 6 to 4. We shall see how the Jays pan out this year, but let me tell you, they’re looking good!


 For more Toronto Blue Jays fun, and tips on how to have fun at the game, read: “Okay, Okay, Blue Jays – Blue Jays – Let’s Play Ball!”


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