Fashion Night Out // Volunteers

IMG_5456Having built a personal friendship with Francesca, a Schulic student and Co-Director of the Schulich Charity event called Fashion’s Night Out, I was thrilled to attend this programs annual Art & Fashion Show at York University.

Not only did I purchase a ticket for myself, but I rallied my good friend and mom to join me last Friday.  Part of the incentive for them to come, was that I had put Francesca in connection with my cousin Nicole. Knowing that Nicole is actively searching for networking opportunities and work, she was ecstatic to do the models makeup and style their hair. Having volunteered from around 9am to 9pm, it was nice to see her with a smile still on her face!IMG_5461

Her excitement and optimistic attitude was matched by my boyfriend, DJ Andy Steves, who also volunteered his skill, ear and time. DJ’ing the entire event called for some preparation. The week leading up to the show he spent many long nights, alongside Francesca, determining the music cues and organizing the songs. During the show, his mixes, timing and drops were so fluid that I couldn’t help but look up to smile at him.

Not only was it a fashionable night out, and one filled with tons of talent, but it was for a great IMG_5441cause. All of the proceeds raised were donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada. This organization grants children with life-threatening medical conditions a wish. The wish is intended to enrich each child’s life while renewing their hope, strength and everyday happiness.

The most memorable part was the Make-A-Wish speaker, a young girl named Avalon Thornberry. She communicated her experience of having received a wish, which was a memorable trip to Ireland with her family. Her incredible story instantaneously brought tears to my eyes, and brought to my attention how much her wish had made her a stronger person.

At the end of the night, though we couldn’t find our car due to York Universities sporadic layout, we were proud to have been part of such a heartfelt event. With so many great clothes, from the likes of American Apparel, rac boutique, Brandy Melville, and more, I am itching to attend again next year!



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