Morning Rush Hour // Let’s Push and Shove

IMG_5496[Writers Note: It is important to keep in mind that my commute consists of three modes of transportation: the TTC bus, the TTC subway and a street car. As I was experiencing a fit of rage, I slowly pulled out my cell phone … this is was ensued]

When the subway is rammed with people and the majority of them are standing, why are people walking like it’s a runway?

Honestly, where are people going? Walking with force, so that they’re pushing through the unfortunate individuals who weren’t lucky enough to snag a seat. Miserable because their final stop is countless stops away. Yet, they feel a shove right into their backpack, purse or body.

Oftentimes I don’t take my backpack off, but I make sure that there is plenty of room left behind me for people who want to pass by. Even when there isn’t enough room, and two people are standing back to back, that should mean remaining stationary – NOT pushing yourself through. The grass is not greener on the other side at 7:40am. There are no seats available at the other end of the TTC train. I promise there isn’t. It’s rush hour.

IMG_5495Let’s face it. There aren’t that many places to go, and if you’re really curious, walk along the platform until you find a better suited entrance onto the train. Once you’re satisfied with your location – preferably with a pole nearby to hold – stay still.

On that note it’s also VERY rude when people seated on the TTC bus stand up and push their way off upon arrival at Finch subway station. Instantly standing up, and pushing your way through the crowd that has been standing for about 15 minutes won’t make you any friends. It’s ridiculous. If other people are packed on the bus – and there isn’t even standing room left – wait your turn to get off. It’s common sense.


For more tips on how to ride the subway properly, click here: Subway Etiquette 101


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6 Responses to Morning Rush Hour // Let’s Push and Shove

  1. Christina says:

    I take the streetcar and my pet peeve is people who don’t move to the back and people who don’t take their backpacks off when the streetcar is packed. Too many times have I been sitting in a seat and nearly whacked in the face by someone turning around, unaware of how much space their backpack takes up on a VERY crowded streetcar 😠

  2. cams says:

    I know the morning commute all too well. It’s where you truly get to see who people truly are….there are some positives, such as the young chap who gives up his seat for an old lady or pregnant woman (with subsequent “awwww’s” in the minds of all the ladies), or…..and actually, that’s it. People are a**holes on the morning commute.

  3. Tyler says:

    My biggest pet peeve has always been, let people off before you get on. Be it, Train, bus or street car. Everyone should remember that there is always another train coming. If you didn’t get on and are thus late you should have left yourself time to have missed a train. We are all getting to the next stop at the same time. Am I Right?
    Leave earlier and enjoy the journey.

    • Dee says:

      I completely agree! It is super frustrating because everyone thinks they are in a hurry and their appointment or destination is more important than the person directly beside them. Getting off so that others can exit is also a big problem during rush hour.

      Thanks for reading Tyler, and I appreciate the time you took to write a comment!

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