A Glittering Chaos // Book Review

IMG_0128Knowing such an imaginative, free spirited woman such as Lisa de Nikolits lends itself to taking part in her provocative and beautifully stunning novel entitled, A Glittering Chaos.

After witnessing how Lisa constructed the graphic design for the cover, I knew I had to take part in her magical tale. Intimidated to delve into a fictional novel when I actually have a personal relationship with its author, didn’t stop my curiosity from taking lead. So, I began reading. The instant normal-ness of the characters drew me in because it was unexpected from what I had anticipated, but as I read on things began to unfold.

IMG_5236Sort of a coming of age tale, though it is occurring late in life for both of the married protagonists, the novel is a depiction of personal change and growth. Sadly, the married couple grows apart, but for good reasons. Moreover, it is also a story of a deteriorating mind as it becomes unstable and insufficient for dealing with life’s everyday responsibilities.

Instantaneously, I fell in love with the innocent sincerity of her female protagonist, Melusine, which began to unravel slowly. The backdrop of Las Vegas heightened the scenes, as my past vacation there came to the forefront of my mind, and I could understand Melu’s feelings and temptations to go wild.

IMG_5237The male protagonist, Hans – Melusine’s husband – also had a lead voice, and an unexpected one at that. Initially rejecting his loss and darkness, I couldn’t understand why Lisa (the author) had fallen in love with his despair so much. Only later did I realize how endearing his twisted earnestness to become a better person was. His failed attempts created sympathy and generated concern for his well being that hadn’t existed for me in those beginning chapters.

With an unexpected ending, but one that satisfied my immense devotion to each character, I was pleasantly surprised. Though, I did want to read more. This just goes to show how compelling an author Lisa really is.

Recommending this book comes easily after thoroughly enjoying it myself, especially during my morning commutes on the subway. Go to Lisa’s Author Website for more information on obtaining a copy of your own! For more of my experiences with Lisa, be sure to read, “The Witchdoctor’s Bones // Book Launch.”

Happy Reading.


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  1. I love this book review. You really capture the essence of the book. I have a literary blog as well.

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