Wandering Holmes // Ice Storm

Day 2

IMG_5122Sunday, December 22nd was Andrew’s Family Christmas. I woke up to a cold bedroom and a floor that felt like ice under my feet. I began packing so that I could shower, get ready and attend Andrew’s festivities. Once there I felt comforted by the warmth of his mom’s Toronto condo that had not lost power.

That night we had a little slumber party filled with scrabble playing. Not only were my parents still in the dark, but so was Andrew’s aunt and cousin. With me in Andrew’s bed, Andrew and his cousin slept on the pull out while his mom and aunt slept in his mother’s bed. Not used to the atmosphere, but thankful that I had a cozy bed, I fell asleep.

Day 3

IMG_5127Monday came and went as Andrew left to go to work at Starbucks around 5:00am. His cousin and I continued to play scrabble while watching the news, waiting. Still without power at my house, I waited until the afternoon to venture home. 

Andrew drove me back to a house that was completely frozen. I walked around, guided by flashlight, and left my dirty laundry behind. Grabbing fresh pyjama’s and clothes I said goodbye to Andrew and went with my parents to my Zia (Aunt) Connie’s house in Etobicoke, which is part of Western Toronto. Again, scrabble was played, and my littlest cousin, Emily, who is 7 years younger than me, leant me her bed. Here, we stayed up late chatting and catching up. Soon I began to really learn how to listen and hear her. Since she is the youngest we often ignore her by accident. 

Day 4

Tuesday, December 24th began and ended with tears. At this point, everyone was on edge, and rightfully so because our power had yet to be restored. Hopeful and wishing for hydro, I was not feeling very festive. Being displaced and sleeping in a new bed every night hadn’t been how I imagined my Christmas Holidays.

Meanwhile, the Holmes-less crew along with our kindest neighbour, Jean, hooked up a generator to the furnace. At least we had heat now.

Since we’re Italian, my family celebrates most of our traditions on Christmas Eve. First, we don’t eat meat, but instead we have my most favourite meal of the year, which is all seafood. My mom’s middle sister hosted us – pulling off a 24 hour Christmas – and we enjoyed a delectable meal.

Once finished my parents and I headed home to sleep in our beds.

Day 5 

Christmas Day and zero presents were opened, so I drove myself to Andrew’s house where I could shower. Here, we had a last-minute Christmas lunch, just the three of us (Andrew, his mom and I). Luckily, I had gotten his parents some gifts and we were able to open them together. After a somewhat relaxing day, Andrew and I headed to the movies. Definitely a first for me on Christmas Day because my mom usually hosts a large dinner. That night my grandparents – who also lost their power on Saturday night – stayed at my house with my parents. I truly felt as though I didn’t have a Christmas this year.

Day 6 

IMG_5137While at Andrew’s – since I had spent the night again – I finally decided to go home. This time for good. I dropped him off at work and arrived to an empty house. Holmes-less, I decided to hangout at the DiDonato’s, remember them? The family friends I called while home alone during the ice storm? 

Upon my return I noticed my dad was home, but he was in the basement. All of a sudden I heard something and looked at the Rogers Box. Our power had come on! To my surprise, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was shocked.

Day 7

IMG_5136We decided to reschedule Christmas to Saturday, December 28th. I cannot wait to open my gifts, and more importantly, for my family to open theirs! Without a Christmas the days went by quickly. I enjoyed the time I spent with family and friends, but it wasn’t the same. There was no anticipation for our traditional events and festivities. Thanks to the amazing people we surround ourselves with (especially our neighbours) our home became warm, and eventually we were no longer Holmes-less.


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