Operation Holmes-less // Ice Storm

IMG_5121Day 1

Not trying to compare Toronto to Montreal a few years ago, but when you’re home during a power outage – ALONE – what the fuck are you supposed to do?

Excited to spend the first Saturday of the holidays at home while my family was out socializing, I got straight to it and caught up on laundry while wrapping all my Christmas gifts. Once finished, I snuggled up in my bed alone to watch Carrie Underwood’s live rendition of The Sound of Music on City TV. Leaving the hallway lights on as a repercussion of watching American Horror Story Murder House (AHS) , I was finally able to relax.

IMG_5117At 10:00pm on December 21st the power flickered off and on, soon it was completely out.  I was paralyzed. In my panic that Tate (Ghost from AHS Murder House) would attack me, I called Andrew. Laptop and cell phone in hand I talked to him while I bravely grabbed the flashlight in the downstairs closet. Afraid to be home alone I called my Nonnies (Grandparents) – no answer. Next I tried Michael (our family friends) – no answer. Finally, Michael’s sister Michelle answered the phone.

Twenty minutes later I had defrosted my mom’s car and drove 20km per hour to Michael’s house. I had found peace and calm in being proactive. Upon my arrival I heard my name coming out of the darkness, “Daniela?” Debbie (Michael’s mom) was waiting for me. I scurried over the ice to find a warm welcome from Michelle and Dakota (their family husky) too!

IMG_5123Inside their kitchen I saw trays of unbaked dough and copious amounts of cookies. Forced to put their “Martha Stewart” on hold, we had a laugh over how creepy everything seemed. With a crackle and a bang we witnessed a tree branch fall – dangling on the wire in their backyard. It seemed like the end of the world. Of course, Debbie piped up and suggested we have a drink to that.

Driving home I was exposed to bright lights caused by electrical wires catching on fire. Bright blue skies were on the horizon. With Sirens going off constantly, and firetrucks down the street, I pulled into my driveway and called it a night.


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