Simply Un-Jobless // Gone Missing

It’s surreal to know that everyday at work my task is to write. Since I was about four-years-old, I’ve created stories, fictional tales and books that I would give to the people I admired. It didn’t stop there. Determined to be a writer I studied English literature – going against my parents insights into the job market and persuasion towards a career oriented education, like journalism – at times I wish I had listened. Struggling to land a full time position over the last year was devastating to my ego and my desire to work hard.

photoI didn’t know for sure that I would end up in a marketing position, concerned with SEO’s (search engine optimization) or C.P.C.’s (click per cost), but now these technical terms are part of my day-to-day life and concerns.

The thing that I value the most about my new job is that I’m contributing to something, and my writing is valued. As a freelancer (just starting out), you don’t get to experience how it feels to contribute to a businesses branding strategy. At least not long term. True, you are exposed to a part of it, writing in the company’s style or voice, but not in a validating way. I can now say that I’m actively contributing – on a consistent basis – to a project, or long term plan that is intended to generate more traffic!

For this reason, I have been blogging less. Yet, now that the learning curve is narrowing, I plan to pick up where I left off. Commuting each morning and night for a total travel time of about 2-3 hrs is a down side, but I’m so thrilled that I have a place in this world that I don’t care how tired I am at 7pm. I feel satisfied and fulfilled. I guess that’s just my work ethic kicking in, but I love it.


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