Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

IMG_4930Why do we seek out the thrill of being scared? I, for one, don’t even enjoy it. Looking back it’s always funny, but during the walk through that haunted house, or while on a new ride, is terrifying. Every time I watch the Walking Dead I have similar thoughts, “why do I continue to watch?”. It’s too violently graphic, eerie and scary. Yet, I can’t stop watching since I’m three seasons deep.

Somehow it’s become tradition to go to haunted houses before Halloween Night with my cousins. These nights are filled with intense fear and unstoppable laughter, which is why I scrounge up enough courage to go. This year we went to Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland. People said it wasn’t scary, and maybe it’s not to most people. However, when you’re walking in a single file line, holding onto each other out of fear, there is a chain reaction of surprised screams.

IMG_4924The Haunted Club was blasting EDM (electronic dance music) tunes, so it didn’t seem too frightful. No one was prepared. Then, as we walked inside, someone popped out at me. I looked to my right – to my left – behind me and no one was there! I ran ahead to join Emily in fear that something else unexpected might happen.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was also ruined for me. My favourite Disney movie in 3D was massacred with bloody, deranged characters! They followed us through the maze without saying a word, staring into my soul.

Last, we stumbled upon the Corn Maze. Standing in line for about an hour caused all our toes to be frozen. Once inside the little shack, to take a picture, I knew something horrific was coming. Then, there it was, an air horn with gusty winds blowing in our faces.

IMG_4931Our plan was to walk through the maze in a line of three, but that wasn’t logical. The haystack path was so narrow that we had to go single file. Isabella had me hugging her from behind the entire time, and would not let go of my hand! Stumbling over my own feet and the back of her heels, we made it through with tons of screaming along the way.

Halloween is intended to scare people, so you might as well embrace it with the people you love. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



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