Beauty by Nicole


Beauty by Nicole: Dee

When asked to be a model, you say, “yes”.  At our house modelling means that you get your hair and makeup done, plus eat a bunch of food. My mom fed the whole “cast and crew”: photographer, makeup artist, models and all. That’s how I bribed my friend Christina to also be a model for my cousin, Nicole’s portfolio beauty shoot.


Beauty by Nicole: Christina

Immediately after a two-year program at George Brown, this young entrepreneur landed a position in her field, catering management. She was thrilled! However, due to some switching around of employees within the company, she was let go.


Beauty by Nicole: Nicole with her models

Unable to find a similar position, in catering management, she tapped into another passion. Makeup and hair. Naturally good at styling other people’s looks, Nicole often practiced on our family. Helping her mom with makeup tips, and styling Emily’s prom hairdo, happened naturally for Nicole. She loves it, and we trust her to make us look good.

Now, she is enrolled in beauty school, at Glow Academy Mississauga. Her program changes every month, but her next one is bridal. Nicole has began self-branding with business cards, a twitter account (@BeautybyNicole2), and a photo shoot to create the beginnings of her portfolio.


Beauty by Nicole: Emilia


Beauty by Nicole: Florencia

Nicole is very professional, and remained so despite her models enthusiasms, dance-moves, plus munching habits. Wearing all black, ensuring that each brush – tool – was cleaned after being used on each model, making us feel comfortable and confident. She created fabulous looks for each age group. From our 77-year-old Nonna, my 55-year-old mom, 30-year-old sister-in-law, and us mid 20-year-olds, everyone looked beautiful.

Determination and resilience is needed today, in order to obtain a full-time career in a field that you’re passionate about. I’m so proud of Nicole for working hard and putting herself out there. Like I’ve said in the past, it’s all about making your own opportunities, Beauty by Nicole is on its way to becoming a successful Toronto start-up!

DSC_0924 (1)

Beauty by Nicole: Dee

If you like what you see and live in the Toronto (GTA) area, I highly suggest Nicole for any special occasion, or girls night out.
Contact Nicole at: 416.887.9036 or


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