iOS 7 iPhone Software Update: It Must Be Me.

Honestly, it must be me. I was hesitant to upgrade to iPhone’s iOS 7 Software Update because I had not received a notification for it on my phone in the iTunes App Store. That being said, I asked my friend Samia how she had done it and she mentioned plugging it into her computer and getting the upgrade straight from iTunes. So, that’s what I did.

One afternoon, I plugged in my phone and there it was, the software update. Excited, I left my phone plugged in while I had dinner with the fam, and went grocery shopping with my mom. I came back to a pop up message stating that there were complications, and verification was needed in order to continue. Stupidly, I said, “yes” continue upgrading. It began at around 5pm and it didn’t end until 8 or 9pm.

To my surprise, half of my applications didn’t transfer through the update. Plus, the app I use the most, instagram, was not only nowhere to be seen, but once re downloaded it was broken. Images would not load, and after signing into my account, nothing was working properly.

Sidebar: Little did I know it was my own stupidity at the time, and being accustomed to the old software, I couldn’t close my applications once they were open. I double clicked the home button, and saw a display of open apps, yet when I held the application image and slid upward – nothing happened. Eventually, my boss at Sylvan showed me that I just had to slide the large image upward, not the actual application image like in the past. Whoops. 

Down and out, I called my boyfriend for support, and the only solution we could come up with was resetting my entire phone. Just my luck, and I refused to do it. At his younger cousin’s birthday party, a family member – tech genuine – helped me to reset ONLY my settings, and reopen instagram. It worked! Pleased, I began to post more images of Italy.

Obviously, this was partly my own lack of ability to adjust to new software programs and technology in general. However, iPhone, you get me every time.


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