Edge Walk CN Tower // Dee’s Perspective

CNTowerEdgeWalk-24An old friend from Ottawa, and my days working in Hospitality at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a server, was visiting Toronto for the first time!

As we walked down Yonge street towards the CN Tower, Meagan looked up to admire the tall buildings that surrounded us. I hadn’t really noticed how tall they really are in this city. I joined in her excitement, and we continued to walk towards the Tower.

Once we were at the Tower’s base (taking photos with double chins so that we could get the tower and our faces in the same frame), Meagan told me that she wanted to do the Edge Walk. I too had wanted to, but after a trip to Italy this summer I knew that I couldn’t afford its $200.00 (with tax) price tag. Hesitant because of the cost, I said, “let’s ask to see if there are any spots available for today.” 

Approaching the ticket booth I began to get nervous. The woman’s reply was, “yes, there is an opening right now actually, so head on in.” I looked at Meagan, and she looked at me. She had a look of exhilaration, and joy that lit up her entire face. It was fate.

CNTowerEdgeWalk-14Payment accepted, and ready to get our gear on, we went through a light security check and put on – what seemed like – rock climbing equipment. Dorky jumpsuits were the attire, and we definitely had fun with it. Finally, in the elevator going up to the edge, Meagan started to get nervous. It was about time! After all the rules were shared, we were hooked up to some heavy-duty ropes, attached to the metal rails, and off we stepped onto the Edge. 

The tour guide had us do some warm up activities, but I was too terrified to participate. All I kept thinking was, these are man-made ropes and locks. Yes, I understand that they can carry the weight of an elephant, but WHO KNOWS what could happen while leaning over the edge. Meagan was much braver than I, and she inspired me with her courage while encouraging me to do my best. That’s what friends are for, so, I did.

CNTowerEdgeWalk-9A bit chilly because of the wind, but the sunny sky made for the most beautiful view. I’ve never seen Toronto from that perspective before. The city scape was more vast and dynamic then I could have ever imagined. Plus, I kept looking over towards where my dad’s office is located, Andrew was at school (Ryerson University) and his mom at her office…everyone was around me.

The Edge Walk CN Tower is the perfect activity for any dare-devil, or adrenaline junky! Seriously, it is. Though I was petrified at the start, I warmed up to the idea and began leaning – butt first – over the edge.

Now, whenever I’m in the city and have a glimpse of the CN Tower, it is surreal to think that I was up there – 365m or 1151 ft – above the ground! Thanks for convincing me Meagatron!

To find out what Meagan thought of the whole experience, be sure to click here to view her guest post!


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2 Responses to Edge Walk CN Tower // Dee’s Perspective

  1. Andrew Stephens says:

    That’s so cool you guys did that! It has to be the best way to see the city!!

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