Guest Post: Edge Walk CN Tower // Meagan’s Perspective

IMG_4615The conversation went something like this:

Me: “Want to go to the CN Tower?”

Dee: “Lol. Seriously?”

Me: “I’ve never been before”

Dee: “Fine. If you really want to go, we can.”

Me: “Nah, I don’t feel like walking it.”

Dee: “You can see it from here — look over there” as she points.

IMG_4619Me: “What! No way! …Okay, let’s go.”

And off we were – tourists in Toronto. As a first timer in Toronto (I know right, who has never been to the center of the universe!?) it was a very exciting adventure for me. The streets were so busy, filled with unique people and scents, and the buildings, tall. For a Toronto-bred girl like Daniela, it was all pretty normal.

Arriving at the CN Tower I insisted she take at least one picture that I could send to all my other Torontonian friends who refused to visit it with me. Turns out it’s quite difficult to get a picture without adding a couple extra chins to your face.

Fast forward by about ten minutes and you’ll see Daniela and I, 1168 feet above the ground, standing on top of the tallest structure in Toronto. When our guide asked us, “what is it about today that made you choose to do the Edge Walk?”, our response was easy, “Today chose us”. Without even planning to go to the CN Tower, we had managed to not only go up the Tower but to stand on the edge.

For myself, the experience was exhilarating and tons of fun. You’re thrown into these fugly red and yellow jumpers (where’s the flood?), a horribly uncomfortable harness that creates bulges where a woman never wants a bulge, you travel up a private elevator with glass floors, and get hooked onto two thick cords – one in the front and one in the back – all before you get to the best part. When the doors open and you feel the breeze, and realize that you are about to walk onto the edge of the CN Tower. The first couple of steps are the most difficult to take, where you feel like no matter how hard you push yourself your foot just won’t move. And then it does. All of a sudden, you’re standing toes over the edge looking down onto Toronto.

CNTowerEdgeWalk-17Daniela was damn brave that afternoon. It was clear this was something that wasn’t within her comfort zone, and yet she pushed herself a little bit further each time. First, it was sitting with her back to Toronto. Then, it was backing up slowly to get to the edge. Next, she was hanging her heels off the edge. Soon it was straightening her legs. Last, all of a sudden, Daniela and I were literally leaning with our backs facing Toronto – without holding onto the cords, hands in the sky!

CNTowerEdgeWalk-23The entire process is a lot longer than I imagined. We were outside, up top for about twenty five minutes. We walked around the entire CN Tower, stopping to wave at Andrew in class at Ryerson, Tammy sick in bed at home, and Daniela’s neighbourhood (although I’m pretty sure they couldn’t see us…). I got to see all the tourist sites in Toronto, like the nudist beach, the Rogers Centre, and the Casa CNTowerEdgeWalk-4Loma… all from the same spot! There was even an airplane that flew right by at the same level as us! (For those of you who know how much I love airplanes, you can probably best imagine my excitement). The view was breathtaking and all the people were so little…it felt like I was playing Sims Toronto.

The Edge Walk was one of the top experiences I’ve had this year, and I was so happy to share it with someone as hilarious and brave as Daniela. Looks like we’ll have to find something even more spontaneous and thrilling for our next reunion…(sorry mom!)


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5 Responses to Guest Post: Edge Walk CN Tower // Meagan’s Perspective

  1. Dee says:

    Thank you for posting “Wifey”! I loved reading how you interpreted our adventure together!! 🙂
    I had a complete blast, though petrified at times, and I couldn’t have done it with ANYONE else! Here’s to being friends for life!! 🙂 Visit anytime.

    • Annonymous says:

      Haha it was a fair payment to get you to participate! 🙂 I’m glad we did it!!
      PS. It was so weird calling you Daniela throughout the post… hahaha

      • Dee says:

        You didn’t have to!! Haha, I changed the dialogue from Dan to Dee just b/c that’s what people know me by on my blog 🙂 But, agreed, it’s weird to see my full name!! 🙂

  2. djandysteves says:

    That’s gotta be the best way to see Toronto for the first time!!
    Seeing it all at the top of it all!

    • Dee says:

      That’s exactly what Meagan said while we were up there! I think it would be the best adventure for ANYONE visiting Toronto for the first time. The experience was so available (and there was an opening) because it was a weekday. So, anyone who is free during the week would have a fantastic time!

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