Party Lips Gone Wild.

Party lips can be defined as boldly coloured lips that are applied and worn during a glam night out, an EDM (electronic dance music) concert, weddings or basically  ANY event.

ltstalkerEvery woman loves to dress up their pout and make it fancy. This is especially true when it’s with a fantastic, new hybrid lipstick like Obsessive Compulsive Comsetics’ Lip Tar. Thanks to my cousin, Isabella, I have learned about this trendy, lip line that is – apparently – all the rage amongst her friends.

Lip Tar provides the reliability of a lipstick – bold, long-lasting colour – with the consistency of a gloss and dries with a matte finish. Intense, I know. Made with ingredients such as: hemp oil, and soy-derived Vitamin E, there is no shortage of moisture. Plus, lips will be further soothed in Peppermint Oil. What’s the trendiest part? Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’s slogan: “100% Vegan & Cruelty Free”.

Available in various shades of red, such as: Stalker, which is a Pin-Up blue red or Harlot that combines the two hottest lip colours, red and coral – just to name a few – shows that it’s hard to choose just one.

Good thing you can mix and match them! 


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4 Responses to Party Lips Gone Wild.

  1. Andrew Stephens says:

    I think you’ve worn this out with me! #irresistible

  2. tinseletsawdust says:

    YES! RED! I want to see pics!

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