Honest Ed’s, Landmark or Funhouse?

Despite our 1.5 hour wait to play at Snakes and Lattes – a future blog post, but check it out – Isabella and I happily decided to venture over to Honest Ed’s. Our motive was to kill time, and experience a landmark that we’ve seen and heard about our entire lives, but had never entered.IMG_4419

Upon our entrance, we stumbled across a circus mirror that makes you look round and fat. I had to take a picture, but little did I know that this was the gateway into a fun house, full of madness and anxiety. In the first bargain bin room we began to see mass amounts of products, for Canada day. The room – to our surprise – didn’t seem big at all. We found a stairwell and began our journey down, across, up, down, up…only to find that there were MANY rooms connected together by skinny hallways and huge staircases. All of a sudden we stumbled across a dentist’s office, and pharmacy. It was at this point that we knew, we were lost, really lost. Let the madness ensue?

IMG_4420Well, it did. As we (Isabella and I) began to panic and sweat. Our bodies were reacting to the stress of needing to see outside, or get fresh air. This is impossible unless you leave, and we no longer knew where the exist was. Eventually we began to descend and entered a room full of discounted shoes – that mimicked keds, crocs and other brand names – plus had children’s clothing.

Next, was children’s toys, until finally we ended up where electronics were. Excited to see iPhone cases, I began to explore the shelf, while Isabella continued to feel uncomfortable. Right beside the cash was the exit. As we exited Honest Ed’s, we realized that we should have paid attention to our surroundings a little better, and were thankful to be back on the sidewalk.
When explaining this anxiousness – in relation to never getting out – to my mother, she laughed and said, “that’s what it’s all about, did you get anything?”



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6 Responses to Honest Ed’s, Landmark or Funhouse?

  1. I agree it looks A LOT like a scary funhouse, but I thought it was cool.

  2. this blog is so great!

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