First Impressions: Welcome Back to School!


Lifelong Buds

With my littlest cousin, Emily, going off to University this week – it dawned on me: you never stay friends with the people you bond with right off the bat. At least for me that was the case during the first month of my Undergraduate Degree at Carleton and again at the beginning of my Master of Arts Degree.

It’s funny how the people you initially feel the most comfortable with, and get good vibes from, aren’t always the ones who last in your life. In both cases – returning back to school – I immediately bonded with some individuals and chose to call them my NEW friends. Most often we felt comfortable because we were from the same place, Toronto. Then, a month or two had passed, and their true colours came out. Unfortunately, I realized I didn’t want to share these new experiences with them at all, or call them my friends. Whether it was personality conflicts, or because they were heavy into drugs, it didn’t matter. For whatever reason, I no longer felt comfortable.

Where are those “NEW friends” now? Who knows. I’m still Facebook friends with them, but that doesn’t mean anything today with all these social media landscapes floating around.

1241247_10100455784172565_1171218788_nDespite the rejection of those “NEW (too immediate) friends”, I just returned from Ottawa this September long weekend. There I attended my Carleton University Resident Roommate’s wedding, so it’s clear that you do come out of these experiences with life long friends. The day I moved into residence I was panicky, scared, yet exhilarated and constantly wondering who I would be sharing my tiny TINY resident room with. It was Sarah, the fabulous bride to the left.

In the end I finished off my advice to Emily by saying that you’ll meet friends that you learn to distance yourself from, they’re usually the first ones you meet, but others will become your best friends. These people, the best friends that you build strong relationships with throughout your University life, will remain with you until the end.

Good luck on your first day of school (to everyone that is returning or going to University for the first time), and keep an open mind!


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6 Responses to First Impressions: Welcome Back to School!

  1. Christina Ip says:

    I had a similar experience, I made friends right off the bat living in residence but my closest friends (you amongst others!) came a little later on in my post-secondary studies.

    I think people get caught up in the excitement of starting a new chapter at college/university and everybody is making friends with everybody. As time goes on things start to settle down and you get into your studies and discovering more about yourself as an independent young adult and align yourself with more like-minded folks, which may or may not be those who you initially met! (It’s awesome you and Sarah kept in touch. I haven’t talked to my first year roommate since we stopped being roommates!)

    I think you’ve given Emily so great food for thought. I guess my two cents to add to it is that it’s not necessarily those you initially meet that you may need to distance yourself from, but more that you don’t really get a chance to “know” people during those early stages. With time and some self-growth I think you eventually learn who you want to truly build strong friendships with!!

  2. It’s so true what you said-you gotta keep an open mind

    I really liked this one

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