A Rainbow of Colours! // Creaseless Hair Ties

You’ve seen them on celebrities, like Kristin Cavallari’s ponytail when she starred on The Hills and most recently around Kendall Jenner’s wrist on her Instagram, they’re known as Creaseless Hair Ties. These popular hair ties are thick width elastics, and are available in an assortment of trendy, bright colours. Their main function is to create ponytails.

What are the benefits? They don’t rip out your hair or create dents, and look cute when worn on your wrist. For people with thin hair like myself, you’ll never go back to regular hair elastics! I originally bought two from Trade Secrets at Hillcrest Mall. However, I just discovered that on Etsy there are bundles upon bundles of them in all different colours and patterns for cheap prices. I’m in heaven. Not to mention the DIY tutorials on YouTube that you can watch and participate in by teenmakeuptips.


To be honest, they create the perfect mid-height or high ponytail, giving body and volume to your roots because of the elastic’s thickness. I brought two – a black Creaseless Hair Tie and a coral Creaseless Hair Tie – on my trip to Italy, and they did wonders. My hair looked great under that gorgeous Southern Italian sun, as if I had put time into creating my pony tail (rather then what I actually did, which was throw it up).

Perfect for that #longhairdon’tcare attitude, and made popular by young celebrities everywhere.


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2 Responses to A Rainbow of Colours! // Creaseless Hair Ties

  1. tinseletsawdust says:

    Neato! You should post a close-up pic of your collection! Wrist-shots and pony in detail please 🙂

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