“Como si dice?” // How Do You Say?

Translation: “How do you say”…WE’RE GOING TO ITALY! In t-minues (just over) 24 hours Andrew and I will be flying to Rome, Italy.

Europe might not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never been. I’ve managed to fly myself half way across the world to Hong Kong, down south to Cuba, as far west in Canada that you can go (Vancouver), Las Vegas, Miami, etc.

My grandparents and my mom immigrated to Canada from St. Clemente, Naples, Italy. This family history paired with my life resolution – to travel to a new place once a year – has encouraged this trip. At the age of 25, I think it’s about time to visit where my family comes from, plus I know that this foreign land will nurture my soul.

Here is where we’re going:

ROME (3 nights) • SORRENTO (2 nights) CALABRIA REGION (1 night) • TAORMINA (2 nights) AGRIGENTO (1 night)

For once, I’ve used my dad’s travel agent to book a trip, and I do not regret it. Johnny is amazing, both reliable and available. If something goes wrong – knock on wood that it doesn’t – he is going to have our backs. All we have to do is call him collect.

While I’m away exploring Southern Italy – a dream come true – Christina will be here, in Toronto guest posting. She is already brainstorming some interesting topics, so stay tuned for that!

So “arrivederci” my friends, and see you when I get back!



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