I scream, you scream…

IMG_4073for HOMEMADE cookies and ice-cream at BAKERBOTS!

Holy F-BALLS, Suni wasn’t kidding when she said that this would be the BEST Ice Cream Sandwich that I’d ever eat in Toronto.

Located at 205 Delaware Avenue, right outside of Ossington Subway Station.

These ice cream sandwiches (above right photo) aren’t ours. Andrew, Suni and I were SO excited to taste our flavours that there wasn’t ANY time for photography. These sandwiches belonged to strangers, but the one furthest right is the Birthday Cookie with Raspberry Ice Cream. Yum.

IMG_4067With a lineup forming from the inside out, we were so excited as we ordered our sandwiches. Ordering is a unique experience in itself, with huge chalkboards full of a list of cookie flavours and all the ice cream choices beside it. As you move forward in line, all the different combinations are running through your mind, and you flip-flop along the way.

Andrew had the Birthday Cookie with Lemon Meringue Pie, Suni had vanilla ice cream – I think – and I had the double chocolate cookie with London Fog Ice Cream! Incredible, I know.

The ingenuity behind each ice cream flavour (which comes from Ed’s Real Scoop) and the cookies captivates your imagination and taste-buds. It’s a must try for anyone living in – or visiting – this city. #Ilovemycity


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