Local Brew // Bellwoods Toronto

IMG_4056I love meeting up with my friends who live downtown for dinner because they always know where “good eats” are located. Friday night, with our hip and chic outfits on, Suni took me to Bellwoods microbrewery.

IMG_4057Our friend date was slightly complicated because we really wanted to sit on the Bellwoods Patio, but settled for bar-stool seats overlooking the entire restaurant and brewery instead. To our surprise, it was cool up there – both view and temperature wise – because it had air conditioning. Also, once seated we were starving and everything on the menu looked divinely delicious. With the awesome waitresses help, we decided to go with the meat platter to start, alongside some taster-sized brews. I chose a raspberry beer and apple cider beer.


Picture taken from the Bellwoods Website.

The highlight of this platter was the meat spread that had a butter texture. Do you see it? It’s in the mini jar, and it’s delectable! Suni and I could not stop eating this spread. In the white bowl, closest to the exterior of the wooden platter, are duck hearts. I have to say, I wasn’t a fan, but enjoyed the experience of eating hearts for the first time. They tasted somewhat like a sausage and had the same chewy texture, plus gamey taste. All the freshly sliced meats were delicious, especially when paired with the jam-like berry spread placed on top of the meat spread!!

IMG_4061Simply mouth-watering and perfectly filling for two old friends, but why stop there? Next, we ordered the fried chicken, which came with a banana hot sauce that made this dish. Due to our starvation I didn’t have time to snap a photo, but it was perfectly crisp on the outside – to a golden brown perfection – with juicy, white meat on the inside.

Friendly staff, GREAT tasting apple cider beer, and tons of meat…Bellwoods definitely hasn’t fed Suni and I for the last time. I’d eat there anytime.



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